Coriolis: Emissary Lost, Last Voyage of the Ghazali & Dice Set all Released!

Today we’re really pleased to announce the release of three brand new products in print and PDF for Coriolis The Third Horizon, Free League’s award-winning RPG which has been described as Arabian Nights in Space!
Emissary Lost kicks off the massive new Mercy of the Icons campaign, with a huge, full colour hardback to really get your teeth into, while Last Voyage of the Ghazali is an action packed scenario aboard a decommissioned cruise liner.
Both are supported by a brand new Coriolis Dice Set for your rolling pleasure and all three are available as part of the Coriolis Collection on
Emissary Lost is the first part in the epic Mercy of the Icons campaign for the award-winning Coriolis – The Third Horizon roleplaying game. The struggle for the Horizon has started – only the Icons themselves know how it will end. Contents of the
232 page full-color hardback book:
  • A detailed background of the events and plots that threaten the balance of the Third Horizon.
  • In the Wake of the Martyr – an investigative scenario based on Coriolis station. The hunt for clues will bring the characters to the bustling Ozone Plaza, to the decadent elites in the Spire, and deep down into the darkness of the Cellar.
  • The Kuan Connection, the second scenario in the book, takes the characters down to the surface of planet Kua. There, they will follow a trail of blood through the jungles, immerse themselves in the violent politics of the Zenithian colonies, and search for answers in the shadow of the mighty Monolith.
The colony in the Taoan system transmits a distress call and goes silent. On Coriolis station, the factions scramble to put together a rescue mission focused on the Ghazali, a decommissioned cruise liner. The PCs are members of the rescue team and put on ice before the jump to Taoan, but something goes terribly wrong before they reach their destination. They wake up to alarms in the darkness on a crippled ship. What has happened? Can they survive the last voyage of the Ghazali?
Last Voyage of the Ghazali is an action-packed scenario for the award-winning Coriolis – The Third Horizon roleplaying game. Contents of the 72-page booklet:
  • An intense race against time in three acts onboard an old luxury cruise liner.
  • Floor plans of the Ghazali.
  • Floor plans of the Fatima’s Bounty freight ship.
  • A description of the Hamura system.
The Coriolis Dice Set is a set of 10 engraved custom dice, designed specifically for the Coriolis – The Third Horizon roleplaying game. These dice support the game mechanics of Coriolis, but can also be used as normal six-sided dice for any game.
We hope you enjoy these latest releases and look out for more great Coriolis products – coming soon !
Best wishes,
Modiphius Entertainment

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