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Adventures Outlined
Adventures Outlined is a Dungeons & Dragons accessory featuring coloring book-styled artwork by Todd James, published by Wizards of the Coast.
By Aaron T. Huss

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Dungeons & Dragons, and by extension the publishers of it, has always taken on the responsibility of promoting the tabletop role-playing industry to a mainstream audience. For decades they have advertised, licensed the IP, produces accessories, created board games, licensed toys, etc. With the release of 5th edition, Wizards of the Coast is taken on that role once again.

The latest in the Dungeons & Dragons promotional products is Adventures Outlined, a coloring book featuring scenes from D&D adventures. Illustrated in an old-school line art style, it presents an accessory for DMs to create cool, colored illustrations of an encounter along with providing a tool the next generation can explore to discover the excitement of fighting epic beasts and discovering grand treasures! Although it is possibly more intended for the former purpose, it consequently results in the latter purpose as well. And the best part? This is literally a coloring book you can enjoy with your children! I certainly did… Here’s a look at some pictures inside the book.

I sat down with this coloring book and my four little girls (ages 2-9) to do a little family coloring time! Not only did they get to color the awesome illustrations, they were able to fully explore their creative imaginations when doing so. If I were a DM, I would toss one of these down on the tabletop to give a nice visual of an encounter. However, I’m not really that good at coloring and I can guarantee it would never look like the example cover… but that’s just me. Regardless, we all enjoyed it!

This fun coloring book allows you to explore your imagination and re-envision what these creatures would look like. I will note that they do take some dedication to complete, but at least you don’t have to be able to draw!

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