MAGIC DESCRIPTION CARDS for Writers, Storytellers, and GMs

Conflict Games Continues to Kickstart Better fantasy Combat, this time with Over 100 Magic Description Cards
Nanuet, NY, June 18, 2018 – Conflict Games is following up their wildly successful Combat Description Cards Kickstarter with a new campaign, this time focusing on depicting magic. The Magic Description Cards Kickstarter campaign proposes new ways to spice up magical attacks within pen-and-paper roleplaying games and fantasy fiction writing.
The initial Kickstarter offering is a deck of over 100 cards with creative ways to describe in-combat magic. The cards work by having a ready list of three adjectives, each with two example phrases of how to use them. Card users are encouraged to practice using the adjectives to spark their imaginations when describing in-combat magic during tabletop roleplaying games or while writing the next best-seller. There are epic finale death-depictions written right on the cards; users can also group and stack cards to formulate more dramatic depictions as they see fit. The illustrative examples on the card can be read aloud during tabletop roleplaying sessions or consulted to break the dreaded writer’s block.
In an effort to appeal to the broadest range of tabletop roleplaying games and situations, the Magic Description Cards are system neutral and gender neutral. The cards are organized in 15 suits, each corresponding to distinct “schools” or categories of magic such as Lightning, Frost, or Death. The adjectives and their examples are further broken up into three of the more common methods of distributing magic in tabletop RPGs: Area, Blast, and Touch. This proven design is reused from the previous Combat Description Cards Deck and allows for spot-on discovery of the perfect phrase.
Conflict Games hopes the Magic Description Cards become a must-have tool for writers as well as tabletop gamers. They are a terrific tool to banish even the most stubborn case of writer’s block, inspiring and quickly bringing to a climax any chapter or battle scene. More than just a reference guide to magical descriptions, these cards unlock a proven, cost-effective way to save time and generate more ideas than any other fantasy adventure and historical fiction tool on the market.
“I’m confident the cards will inspire writers and GMs to detail more of the wonders of fantasy fiction magic. Backing this project will ultimately improve your gaming session and your writing. I genuinely believe writers and GMs of all levels are going to absolutely love these cards! “– Mark M. Scott
To make this card deck happen, Conflict Games has initiated a Kickstarter drive. The “Magic Description Cards Kickstarter” runs from June 29th to July 31st for an intended release in the second quarter of 2019. The project will be available worldwide. Funding gathered through Kickstarter will go toward writing, printing, delivery, and distribution of the cards. To view a PDF sample of the cards, you will find a one-sheet, print-and-play version on the Kickstarter campaign page.
More information about the Magic Description Cards Kickstarter can be found at or

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