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Triumvene Kickstarter Launching June 1st

LONDON, ENGLAND (May 24, 2018): Tough & Competent Ltd are announcing the upcoming release of Triumvene, a non-combat focused tabletop RPG. This is roleplaying focused around the events of the world that others shy away from – diplomatic negotiation, heists, and the consequences of action, over combat. The game will be launching on Kickstarter on June 1st, with pre-registrations available at

Triumvene has been developed by renowned concept artist Chey Fergus (WWE, Splash Damage, and various AAA games titles) and Dungeon Master and technology and UX expert Peter Watson-Wailes (consultant for Red Bull, Google, Amazon and others). Over the past 18 months, in conjunction with dozens of playtest groups, the d12-based system has been refined and polished to deliver a cinematic, engaging roleplaying engine to power the game.

Set in a world undergoing an industrial revolution, the peoples of Midplane experience all the issues the real world has. However, they have the added complexities of a broken, low-magic world to contend with, and that’s before the previously believed mythical Gods return.

Triumvene is a game in which the players explore a world undergoing an explosion of technology and industry through their characters. Ancient cultures and modern challenges collide, creating strife and upheaval, along with new opportunities for those who’ll seize them.

The Triumvene storyline follows the upheaval caused by the return of the Gods to the world, and the havoc that their interfere causes. Inspired by sci-fi greats like Babylon 5, Star Trek Deep Space Nine and Battlestar Galactica, along with 19th century fiction by authors like North & South, Bleak House and Far from the Madding Crowd the story examines the challenges of the human condition, and the consequence and responsibility of action.

About Triumvene and Tough & Competent
Triumvene is a long-term project started in 2017 by Peter Watson-Wailes of Tough & Competent, with the aim of combining the fan passion for RPGs with an inclusive and provocative story. The first Tough & Competent product, Triumvene, releases June 1st 2018. In this science-fantasy game set in an industrial revolution, humanity lives alongside other peoples in a world in Midplane, a universe between two others. Triumvene releases in the second half of 2018, as a full-colour hardcover publication. The Triumvene Corebook and several other media will release simultaneously, including a suite of digital tools to help run the game. For more information, please visit

Tough & Competent Ltd are a customer experience consultancy who specialise in long term marketing strategy, as well as producing products which enrich the lives of their consumers. For more information, please visit

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