Need a Little Space Fantasy for your Dungeons & Dragons Game?

Need a little space fantasy for your Dungeons & Dragons game?
(May 21st, 2018) Storm Bunny Studios has just launched its fifth Kickstarter for The World of Alessia, a new campaign setting that introduces players to a new world where PCs use voidships, psionics, evolved alien technology, magic, and their native born ingenuity to save their planet from the darkness beyond the stars.
The World of Alessia Campaign Primer presents players with 11 new species, 4 new classes, new skills, gear, equipment, and vehicles for any 5e game or Starfinder game. Printed in full, beautiful color, this campaign primer will give GMs plenty of material for their home campaigns, as well as hundreds of new options for players, as well. The World of Alessia Campaign Primer will include 180 pages of game-enhancing content, including lore about the world, its societies, its factions, and how to use its rules to enhance your game, as well as how to transport your players to Alessia today!
The World of Alessia is a space-fantasy campaign setting that combines Wuxia, science fiction, and magic-driven technology. It is a place where dozens of species coexist peacefully, working together to stave off enemies from above and beyond their world. It is a massive world where magic and technology impacts every aspect of life, from the Healing Houses of Sillias to the Great Towers of Xin. It is a land where Fyrean Genies meet with Asrian Wardens and The Gangs of Khatu push their Drifters across the desert sands, seeking resources and victims of every kind.
Co-creator of Alessia Jaye Sonia described it as “…it is a fun amalgamation of my favorite swashbuckling space-fantasy, but without going full blown space opera although you could do that, I suppose. To me though, it’s more Firefly, Eberron, and Spelljammer than, say, The Expanse, Numenera, or Star Trek.” (Interview here at GeeksAGoGo).
Alessia is a world where humans evolved later, growing up in the shadows of wiser, kinder Yökai Lords, who, alongside the Ish’ra, helped to shape the course of Alessia’s overall evolution. Today, dozens of species stand side-by-side against the darkness, bravely facing their foes on the surface of Alessia, as well as in the space between the stars beyond.
His third full campaign setting, Jaye Sonia teams up with Jere Manninen of Finland to deliver a truly unique future fantasy campaign setting for gamers looking for something a little different from their standard tabletop experience. If you’re looking for Drifters (hover bikes), Skyships (airships capable of flight at high altitudes) or simply want a bunch of new species to pick from, this is a Kickstarter you’re going to want to check out.
Curious about the world of Alesse? Here is a link to the free promo book on the world of Alesse:

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