Urban Legend Horrors for Savage Worlds

Mystical Throne Entertainment is proud to announce the second release of the Cryptozoology bestiary series – Otherworldly Beings. This latest release features 15 beings of urban legends fully described and illustrated and set in the backdrop of Shadowed Earth. Completely usable with any modern fantasy or horror setting, this new release includes urban legends such as:

  • Dingonek
  • Flatwoods Monster
  • Jersey Devil
  • Snallygaster
  • Spring-heeled Jack
  • and 10 others!

This release slots into our existing Judgment Day and with the guidance provided in the core rulebook, can also be used with Beyond the Firelight. It’s available in PDF and will be incorporated into the print-on-demand compendium at a later time.

Shadowed Earth Cryptozoology #02: Otherworldly Beings (Savage Worlds) [PDF: $3.00]


We at the Inquisition like to think we know as much as humanly possible about the supernatural world that surrounds us every day. Unfortunately, that’s not only a daunting task, it’s almost impossible. We discover new chaotic beings often, new otherworldly beings summoned to Earth, and the remnants of non-human societies. It is with great displeasure that I concede to the overwhelming magnitude of the supernatural world and must admit that even the Inquisition remains partially naïve.

The Cryptozoology is a culmination of facts, theories, and speculations as researched and documented by the Inquisition. Each publication contains a collection of adversaries for use within Savage Worlds across all Shadowed Earth settings. Cryptozoology #02: Otherworldly Beings presents a collection of bizarre and weird beings of urban legends.

Cryptozoology #02: Otherworldly Beings includes:

  • 15 unique beings from urban legends
  • Descriptions for each entry
  • Illustration for each entry
  • A description of the classifications used throughout the series

Although Cryptozoology #02: Otherworldly Beings is designed for use in any Shadowed Earth setting, the adversaries can be universally placed within any Savage Worlds modern fantasy or horror adventure or setting.

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