New Worlds of Adventures as Mindjammer Core Worlds & Mindjammer Companion are Unleashed!

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Today we’re really pleased to announce the release of two brand new Mindjammer products from the pen of ENnie-award winning Sarah Newton, Mindjammer: The Core Worlds Sourcebook plus the Mindjammer Companion.
Both are available on and DriveThruRPG in PDF form, with print versions available from on November 23rd.
The Core Worlds Sourcebook details a vast sector of Commonality Space for your Mindjammer games. Focussing for the first time on the ancient, decadent, and sophisticated heart of the Commonality, it provides you with deep background and material to explore this fascinating region. Play Fringe Worlders experiencing the strangeness of the Core first-hand, or Core Worlders, sure of their superiority, until they leave their homes and are found wanting. Play planetary sentiences ruling whole worlds, ancient dynasties with plans crossing millennia, illegal xenomorphs fighting oppression and neglect in the forbidden substrates beneath the towering arcologies. Push the boundaries of transhuman science-fiction gaming-explore what it means to be human itself. A bright, bizarre, and thought-provoking milieu for your Mindjammer games!
The Core Worlds Sourcebook includes:
  • The history and background of the Core, including lavish maps, new genotypes and strange subcultures.
  • Deep detail on Manhome, including maps and descriptions of Old Earth, Old Mars, Green Moon, and more!
  • The Fargate Network and the mysterious 3-Space Instrumentality.
  • Descriptions, artwork, and stats for the Custodians-the secret rulers of the Core Worlds.
  • Guides for Core Worlds campaigns. Go beyond what it means to be human!
The Core Worlds is a sourcebook for Mindjammer-The Roleplaying Game. The Mindjammer-The Roleplaying Game core book is required for play.
In the Mindjammer Companion, welcome to the turbulent worlds of the Outremer subsector, out on the Commonality frontier. It’s the heart of the Rim Sector, a spectacular, violent place of feuding polities in the no-man’s land between the Commonality and the Venu Empire. In the aftermath of war, everything is up for grabs: Successor States rise and fall, the new xenomorph Sentient Alliance flexes its muscles, and the Commonality and the nefarious Venu jostle for position, knowing that war could break out again at any moment.
The Mindjammer Companion includes:
  • History and background of the Outremer Subsector, including subsector octant maps.
  • Essays on the conflicting economic systems which vie for supremacy out beyond the Frontier, far from the Resource Allocation Sentiences of the Commonality core.
  • The five generations of Commonality starship design.
  • New cultures and genotypes.
  • An octant map of the Heritage Contestation and planetary maps and writeups for 30 adventure-packed worlds!
The Mindjammer Companion presents material which originally appeared in the Mindjammer (Traveller Edition) sourcebook, converted and repurposed for use with the Fate Core system and Mindjammer-The Roleplaying Game. The Mindjammer-The Roleplaying Game core book is required for play.
We hope you enjoy these two brand new releases from Mindjammer Press which join other Mindjammer supplements like Children of Orion, BLUE, The Far Havens, Dominion, The City People, and Hearts and Minds, in this ever-growing setting of mind-blowing transhuman science-fiction adventure.
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