Review: Raging Swan Press – Antipaladins

Product Name: Antipaladins
Publisher: Raging Swan Press
Author: Creighton Broadhurst, Martin Tideswell
System: Pathfinder
Series: GM’s Resource
Theme: Epic Fantasy
Type: Third Party Supplement

Antipaladins is the first in Raging Swan Press’s GM’s Resource series of supplements for Pathfinder. This first supplement features a listing of antipaladin NPCs ranging in challenge rating from 3 to 15. But this is more than simple character sheets with a few fleshed out details. Antipaladins fully details 7 NPCs including their description, background, personality, mannerisms, distinguishing features, weapon, adventure seeds and applicable stats. Each antipaladin has an associated illustration that corresponds to the descriptions provided.

This first supplement in the GM’s Resource series is a great way to give veteran and newbie GMs the ability to quickly bring things to the gaming table without having to worry about a lot of preparation ahead of time. This can be critical for spur-of-the-moment needs or even adventure or campaign design. The supplement is so simple but thorough that it exceeds many expectations.


There are seven total NPCs listed in Antipaladins ranging from a CR of 3 to 15. Each one is unique in its own way with an assortment of races including human, half-elf, drow and duergar and an assortment of character class combinations with the antipaladin including bard, fighter and shadowdancer. Each antipaladin is dedicated to a chaotic evil deity which is described in the introduction.

Upon reaching the NPC descriptions, you will find extremely detailed backgrounds including what has led the character to become an antipaladin and how they are living now. Following this is the character’s personality giving detailed descriptions of how they act, think, feel and their mannerisms. Capping off the details are the distinguishing features matching the illustration and a signature weapon. These weapons often correspond in part or full to the weapons within the illustration.

Finishing up the NPC descriptions and details is a grouping of adventure seeds. This is a very valuable addition to the supplement as it gives newbie and even veteran GMs ideas to create adventures or launching points for a full campaign.


Antipaladins is a highly valuable GM resource utilizing a high quality layout and presentation. Each NPC is properly described and detailed and loaded with further ideas. I am truly excited to see future releases within the GM’s Resource series and highly recommend their use.


Publication Quality: 10 out of 10
Raging Swan Press continues to utilize the highest quality layout and presentation of their products with Antipaladins falling right inline. The content is smooth, simple and easy to read. Their stat blocks are always well put-together and they always know just the right illustrations to choose.

Mechanics: 10 out of 10
While no new mechanics are provided, they are definitely expanded upon as far as the build of an antipaladin is concerned. This includes an assortment of races, character class combinations, weapons and spells. While this may seem mundane, it not only provides the applicable character build but also lays the framework for adventure seeds and other potential antipaladin NPCs.

Value Add: 10 out of 10
Antipaladins is filled with value as a GM resource, and not just for its presented NPCs. With the associated adventure seeds, background and sometimes followers, this simple resource can be used to build an entire campaign around. All the other details and descriptions of the NPCs help to flesh out the details and give direction on how these NPCs could be used.

Overall: 10 out of 10
For any GM looking to create a new adventure or campaign or simply looking to expand upon the ones they’ve already created, the GM’s Resource series has lots of potential. With the first release of Antipaladins, no GM should be let down.

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