More Fantasy for the Entropic Gaming System

Mystical Throne Entertainment has just released the Ultimate Settings Guide: Fey Realm for the Entropic Gaming System. Acting as a companion book to Entropic Heroes: Fantasy, this book adds new player character races, equipment, Qualities, and a bestiary. It also is designed to fit inside the multiverse presented in Entropic Heroes: Fantasy. The PDF is available now and the paperback POD will be available later this month.

Ultimate Settings Guide: Fey Realm (EGS) [PDF: $5.00 | POD: $7.99 COMING SOON | PDF/POD: $8.99 COMING SOON]

Additionally, the paperback edition of Ultimate Iron Age Guide: Celts for the Entropic Gaming System is also available.

Ultimate Iron Age Guide: Celts (EGS) [PDF: $5.00 | POD: $7.99 | PDF/POD: $8.99]


Imagine a land where fantastic beings dwell. Imagine a land where grand adventures await. Imagine a land where perils and magic reside together. Now imagine this land is next to our own, but its entrance can only be seen by those who know of its secrets. This land is the Fey Realm.

The Ultimate Fey Guide is a sourcebook for the Entropic Gaming System that presents a micro setting set in the fantastical land of the Fey Realm. This micro setting can be used to build your own fantasy setting or set alongside an existing setting to form a multiverse or incorporate the fantastical themes of the Fey Realm.

Ultimate Fey Guide includes:

  • A brief history of the Fey Realm.
  • Important locations within the Fey Realm.
  • Seven fantasy player character races including: brownie, dryad, nyad, and sprite.
  • New Qualities and Equipment.
  • A collection of fantasy creatures for your Fey Realm adventures.
  • … and more!

Ultimate Fey Guide can be used to create a grand fantasy setting or as an add-on to an existing setting. Use it with one of Mystical Throne Entertainment’s historical Ultimate Guides to create an amazing locale for adventure!

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