Historical Fantasy Horror Scenario and a Wrap-up to Playtesting

Two days ago, Mystical Throne Entertainment released a full-length Scenario for Beyond the Firelight called Town of Dover. The first Scenarios for Beyond the Firelight have been quick ones, designed for a single night of gaming. This full-length Scenario is almost 4 times longer, designed for multiple nights of gaming (or one long gaming day), and adds a couple new mechanical options to the storytelling game. It’s available now in PDF for the low price of $3 and will be available later this month as a black-and-white paperback.

Additionally, Broken Ruler Games is wrapping-up the playtest of High Plains Samurai. The playtest packet will be removed on May 14, so get your playtest feedback in as soon as possible to qualify for those credits! Like all other open beta playtests, you too can help shape the future of the game before it’s available to in its released form.

Beyond the Firelight: Town of Dover [PDF: $3.00 | POD: $5.99 COMING SOON | POD/PDF: $6.99 COMING SOON]


Something is amiss in Dover, New Hampshire, and with each passing day, the chaos builds.

Town of Dover is a full-length Scenario for Beyond the Firelight. It is set in 18th century New England, starting June 22, 1705. The Scenario spans fifteen Acts and introduces a few new mechanics to Beyond the Firelight.

The only question is, can you survive?

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