FASA Games Delays 1879 Roleplaying Game to November 2014

FASA Games’ newest project, 1879, has been delayed from its original release date at Gen Con this year to November.

We had originally planned to release the 1879 Players Guide and GM’s Guide at GenCon this year. However, we’ve run into two concerns that have caused us to push back the release date to late November, with the target being November 25th, the American Thanksgiving holiday.

First, we’ll be releasing Earthdawn Fourth Edition at GenCon. Earthdawn is a well known and well loved property. 1879 is a brand new game line. We really don’t want to overshadow our new product with the edition release of our flagship. Putting out the two games at the same time would leave us in the position of competing with ourselves.

Second, we’d really like to have more playtest time for 1879. It’s the first game to use the CoreStep mechanic apart from Earthdawn. We want to make sure that the mechanic is well integrated with the game world, that there aren’t any problems with adapting CoreStep to a new product line. FASA has a reputation for delivering well-written game systems that don’t require large errata sheets in order to play them. The delay gives us the time to make sure that we remain faithful to the FASA standard.

We appreciate your understanding and hope that you will join us this November as the Rabbit Hole opens, and Victoria’s Empire goes marching into a new world!

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