(P)Review: Dave Sokolowski – He Who Laughs Last (Cthulhu Dark)


He Who Laughs Last
He Who Laughs Last is a modern horror scenario for Cthulhu Dark, written and to be published by Dave Sokolowski.
By Aaron T. Huss

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He Who Laughs Last is a complete scenario for the rules ultra-light Cthulhu Dark (available free from Graham Walmsley). It dwells within the world of the Cthulhu Mythos, but avoids smearing the Mythos into your face, allowing the characters to investigate and stumble across some extreme twists. Without posting spoilers, let me say that there are some very interesting twists in the story.

I love the Cthulhu Mythos and I find Cthulhu Dark to be a great pick-up game for when you don’t want to run anything longer than a single session, or maybe two at the most. The mechanics are quite slanted toward the GM and character insanity is inevitable. As such, keeping with the spirit of Cthulhu Dark takes a bit of effort as, in my opinion, it shouldn’t be a simple investigation where everyone walks away unscathed. He Who Laughs Last fits that bill; it’s odd, a bit creepy, twisted, and should definitely leave the characters double-guessing themselves. It really doesn’t surprise me that the Kickstarter funded so quickly.

Because I was given a reviewers preview copy, I can’t really comment on anything else about the scenario. Obviously editing hadn’t been done and neither had formal layout, artwork, etc. I will say this, the scenario really fits the premises of Cthulhu Dark. At times, I did feel the content was a bit disorganized, but that could simply be because it hadn’t been formally organized yet. So I won’t comment on it anymore than that.

I really hope to see more scenarios for Cthulhu Dark, and He Who Laughs Last does an excellent job of blazing that trail!

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