Hellfrost Land of Fire Adventure Pack on Kickstarter

Triple Ace Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a Land of Fire adventure pack for Hellfrost, for the Savage Worlds RPG.

Back the Kickstarter here.

The heroes of old are long dead, but they are far from forgotten.

For untold generations their names have flowed through time, their lives immortalized through the storytellers who speak of their courage, wit, and good fortune. Now the time has come for new names to be added to the list of honor and new stories to be told.

The path ahead for those chosen to carry the burden of hero status will be arduous. Many will fall by the wayside, their part in the story consigned to oblivion. Others will rise above the challenges set before them and earn the only true form of immortality.

Tales from the Sands is an adventure pack for Hellfrost: Land of Fire and is published by Triple Ace Games.

Written by hugely popular and talented author Paul “Wiggy” Wade-Williams, it contains four full-length scenarios for heroes starting out on their adventuring careers. Each scenario includes encounter location maps and full monster stats. It is a beautiful book by accomplished publishers and is a fine addition to the Hellfrost players library!


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