Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Roleplayers Chronicle is closed for Christmas so that we can enjoy time with our friends and family and open those great new gifts in the hopes of getting that one book you’ve really been looking for!

In the mean time, take a look around throughout our news, reviews, and articles to see what you’ve missed. For quick navigation, use the categories lifted to the left. Otherwise, here’s a listing of quick links for you to follow:

Looking for Pathfinder, go here
Prefer epic fantasy, go here
Fan of superhero games, go here
Looking for previews of different games, go here
Want more Savage Worlds, go here
Like sci-fi action and adventure, go here
Old School Renaissance fans, go here
Need a Mutants & Masterminds villain, go here

Search around and see what you find, there’s plenty here and you’re welcome to post your comments.

Thanks again for a great year and here’s looking to 2013!

Aaron T. Huss
Roleplayers Chronicle

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