New Roleplayers Chronicle Mobile Interface

For all you mobile / handheld users, you probably noticed a big change to Roleplayers Chronicle. On Monday we rolled out a new application that takes the website’s content and turns it into a mobile-friendly interface when being viewed on handheld devices. All of the websites content is accessible as before, but the interface is much more user-friendly when being viewed on the smaller screens.

The main screen you see at the first display is a listing of the latest posts, scroll down to the see subsequent postings. In the upper-right hand corner, next to the words ROLEPLAYERS CHRONICLE is a pull-down menu for navigating the different categories. Simply press that button and navigate to the category you’d like to view. You will see the same listing interface, but only for those in the category you choose. Additionally, you will find a HOME button in that same menu to get you back to the main screen.

To view an individual article or announcement, just touch the name of the article and you will be brought directly to that article. Images are automatically resized for proper viewing, and simply scroll down to see the rest of the article. At the bottom of each article are the categories and tags associated to that article. If you want to see similar listings according to that category or tag, just tap the link (it’s in blue) and you will be taken to that category or tag index (tags are things like “Epic Fantasy” or “Pathfinder”).

Please note this does not affect the standard PC interface, which looks the same as before.

We hope this helps everyone navigate the website from your favorite handheld device or when you want to check-out a review while you’re on-the-go!

Aaron T. Huss

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