Roleplayers Chronicle is Heading to Gen Con

As you read this (unless you read this after 7:00 PM EST), I am on my way to Gen Con. It’s a lengthy drive, but definitely worth it. I’ll be doing lots of wandering through the Vendor Hall, attending seminars, gathering pictures, and doing interviews. As with last year, that means there will be a break in our regular news during the course of these next 5 days (Wednesday – Sunday).

From Wednesday August 15 – Sunday August 19, you can expect the following:

  • Regular release notices will not be posted through standard means.
  • Only releases from the Submissions form will be posted. So if you have a big product release, you’ll have to write-up the release yourself. Don’t worry about format though, whatever you put together will look just fine.
  • There will be no Featured Article slots.
  • If I see a sale announcement, I may post it if the available presents itself.
  • Major announcements will be posted when time comes available as these are likely the big things people want to follow.
  • The Gen Con Report will run throughout the five days across the website, Facebook, and Twitter.

If you plan on following my journeys through all of Gen Con, make sure you watch the website, our Facebook page, and our Twitter feed. The big postings will be posted on the website with their headings copied over to Facebook. Our Twitter feed should be fairly active with random updates regarding who I’m speaking to or bits and pieces about the new products to be found. I probably won’t spend much time on Facebook, but you’ll definitely be able to follow our Gen Con Report articles from there to the website.

If you see me walking around, feel free to say hi and if you’re a publisher, don’t hesitate to ask for an interview or some type of on-the-spot chat about what you have coming. Thanks everyone for your continued support!

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Aaron T. Huss
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