Review: Third Eye Games – Lochs (Apocalypse Prevention, Inc.)

Demon Codex: Lochs
Lochs is a Demon Codex supplement for the modern fantasy horror game Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. written by Eloy Lasanta, John D. Kennedy, Peter Heaton, and Brennan Bishop and published by Third Eye Games.
By Aaron T. Huss

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Lochs is the first “demon” sourcebook for Apocalypse Prevention, Inc not only detailing the demon race known as Lochs but also detailing the world they come from and the additional races that hail from that same world. This is more than just a player’s guide to Lochs, it is a complete addition to the game system and setting, further fleshing out the details of where the demon race came from and who their allies and enemies are on their home planet.


Jonah and the Kraken is a narrative depicting a Loch API agent and a mission he is sent on. The narrative is short but creates an atmosphere that leads into the purpose of the book.

The Endless Ocean is the introduction and to the Loch’s home planet and a depiction of its history included the events that drove the Lochs and others to Earth. The content immediately dives into references of the planet’s native races and notable locations, although you have to read pages later on to better understand what those are.

Mission to Earth discusses the events and other narrative surrounding what occurred after the Lochs migrated to Earth. This includes a look at their different underwater operation centers and a look at their life now on Earth.

Loch Collectives provides a wealth of in-game material regarding Lochs and the other fish-like demons including groups and tribes and how they correlate to API.

Aquatic Tools is the character-focused section giving playing tips for Loch characters along with providing a number of new mechanics for Loch and other fish-like demons including new character races covering these other fish-like demon races. Adversaries from the Loch’s home planet are also included, providing the GM with material to connect the fish-like demons to their home planet.

Lochs finishes with three pre-made adventures. These present Loch and fish-like demon oriented adventures using much of content found within the book.


In terms of expanding game play, Lochs is meant to further your knowledge of Apocalypse Prevention, Inc to cover the Lochs demon race and the planet from which they originally came. With a look at the other fish-like demons and a descriptions of the home planet, you are no longer confined to Earth and are given a number of new options during character creation (or new adversaries for the GM).


Publication Quality: 8 out of 10
Lochs is a great-looking book following the same formatting and design as the rest of Apocalypse Prenvention, Inc, including some excellent illustrations. I didn’t like they layout as much as the introduction to the Loch’s home planet was very confusing as each race being described and each location being noted was not detailed until later in the book. This made reading through the introduction (The Endless Ocean) that much more difficult as I didn’t know what the authors were describing as I didn’t have a reference until many pages later. Other than that, the writing is solid and the book is extremely functional, but I do suggest reading the introduction again after reading through the rest of the book as it will make a lot more sense.

Mechanics: 10 out of 10
Third Eye Games does an excellent job of adding additional mechanics and content to what’s already available using the world which the Lochs came from. Not only do you get new character races, you also get new passions, gives, equipment, cybernetics, and more geared around the fish-like humanoids.

Value Add: 10 out of 10
Lochs is a valuable addition for both players and game masters. Players get to learn more about the background of the Lochs, should they choose to play one, and they gain access to additional in-game options for playing Loch characters and the other fish-like demons. Game masters gain a wealth of content in terms of understanding where these demons came from, the ability to run adventures and campaigns on their home planet, pre-made adventures, and new options for NPCs and adversaries. There’s definitely no shortage of valuable content inside this book.

Overall: 9 out of 10
Lochs is a good addition to Apocalypse Prevention, Inc and offers a great template for future Demon Codex books or character-focused sourcebooks in general. If you’re looking to play a Loch or are interested in one of the other fish-like demon races, then this is a definite must have book.

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