Roleplayers Chronicle is Looking for Writers

With our continued growth, Roleplayers Chronicle is looking to add additional writers to our correspondents list. We’re looking for enthusiastic writers who love to talk about role-playing games. We are looking to fill the following openings:

  • Northeast US Correspondent
  • Southeast US Correspondent
  • Southwest US Correspondent
  • United Kingdom Correspondent
  • Australia Correspondent

Check out our Staff Bios page for additional information:

Need more information about these correspondent openings, just read the following and see if it’s right for you!

So what do staff writers have to do? Well, it’s not so much what they have to do as it is what opportunities become available for them. Staff writers will be able to:

  • Gain press credentials at conventions for the purpose of conducting interviews on behalf of Roleplayers Chronicle. These interviews will be posted on the website in one of three formats: audio, video, or audio transcript (text).
  • Write your own article series for publication on the website. This is a great way to demonstrate your writing capabilities while being a part of the tabletop role-playing industry.
  • Submitting content for publication in one of Roleplayers Chronicle’s premium content lines. All writers are paid royalties according to the percentage of content they submit for each premium content release.
  • The opportunity to acquire products for full review. The only thing I ask is that each review is at least 500 words and contains some type of rating (that and all reviews are required to be unbiased and solely based on the design of the product including its purpose).
  • Become a part of the fastest growing tabletop role-playing news outlet on the Internet.
  • Show off your writing/artistic and journalistic skills for possible, future freelance opportunities.
  • A full staff bios on the website, allowing further self-marketing.

For all those interested, send an e-mail to with all of your pertinent information (name, location, e-mail address) plus a write-up about yourself. Hopefully all staff writers will be chosen by the end of this year.

Aaron T. Huss
North-Central US Correspondent

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