Review: Nerd Rage Games – Supplement 1 (Rage Series)

Rage Series: Supplement 1
Supplement 1 is a universal supplement to support all three settings for the Rage Series written by Richard Green, Nicholas Huth, BJ Lewis and published by Nerd Rage Games.
By Aaron T. Huss

Supplement 1 is a mechanics addition that covers all three settings of the Rage Series products: Space Rage, Medieval Rage, and War Rage. It adds a number of new character creation options, skills, weapons, vehicles, groups, and much more. It could easily be considered the ultimate supplement for any Rage Series player.


Space Rage is the space opera setting for the Rage Series products. Within Supplement 1, there is a vast array of new options for Space Rage players and Game Masters including: character foci, expanded skill list, equipment list, psionic talents, definition of the galaxies and known planets, major corporations, new weapons, new ship technology, new spacecraft, new vehicle technology, space stations, and a list of space and planetary encounters when coming to an unknown planet. It’s a lot of new mechanics with little to no fluff in-between.


Medieval Rage is the epic fantasy setting for the Rage Series products. Within Supplement 1, there is a small amount of new options for Medieval Rage and I would categorize them as primarily for player use. This includes: character foci, skills, weapons, magic items, spell listing, and planetary issues. Again, it’s a lot of new mechanics with little to no fluff.


Medieval Rage is the modern action/warfare setting for the Rage Series products (set in an alternate near-future of Earth). Within Supplement 1, there is a good amount of new options including: character foci, skills, weapons, equipment, psionic talents, a look at Central America, corporate manufacturing operations, ship technology, naval vessels, and planetary issues. Once again, lots of mechanics with little to no fluff.


Supplement 1 is a product that gives you your moneys worth, even though it may not be visually pleasing. In fact, the entire publication could be used as a new mechanics reference for character creation, advancement, and game-play and you would probably wear out its pages (metaphorically as a PDF). There is a landslide of new mechanics that cover all three settings, players and Game Masters will most likely not be let down. I recommend it for Rage Series players unless you prefer to play with only the core rules.


Publication Quality: 6 out of 10
While the Rage Series reboot improves upon the layout and formatting of the publications, there are still a high number of improvements to make. The layout is okay, the formatting gets a little clunky at times, there is too much white space, a lot of the charts need tweaking, and there is a lack of art. Considering the high number of mechanics, an index would be beneficial. However, much of the content is simple and effective and easy-to-read.

Mechanics: 6 out of 10
There is a mountain of new mechanics in Supplement 1. While there is so much to choose from, very little space is given over to fully detail each one. Essentially, there are too many mechanics filling the pages. Each one is defined and described but lacking in detail, helping to better understand their use and purpose. However, there are lots of new options to choose from covering all three Rage Series settings, giving players and Game Masters a lot to add to their games.

Value Add: 9 out of 10
The biggest motivator for purchasing Supplement 1 and its inherent design is the amount of new mechanics that have been stuffed within. Any player of any of the Rage Series settings will find usable options no matter what you’re looking for. There are additions for character creation, vehicles, space stations (this one is very cool), setting material, and more. You are definitely getting more than you pay for, even if you need to flesh out some of the details.

Overall: 7 out of 10
Supplement 1 is a good product for players and Game Masters of Rage Series. Those looking to expand their adventures and campaigns, especially to incorporate different character sub-classes, will definitely want to pick this up. The character Foci and skills alone can make it worthwhile to players while cool things like the new vehicles and space station can take games to a definite new level.

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