Gen Con Report – Day 3 More Product Shopping

I was able to get around the Exhibit Hall today after working at the Triple Ace Games booth and find some more great products for sale. In fact, I ran across the Hero Games booth (not listed in the Gen Con map) and found the Ars Magica display at Atlas Games. In addition, I grabbed more pictures at Studio 2 Publishing including Third Eye Games, Crafty Games, and Terra/Sol Games. However, I was hoping to get lots of pictures of Airship Pirates but unfortunately they sold out extremely quickly.

Here’s the Ars Magica display:

A sneak peek at the in-development Black Crusade Limited Edition core rulebook:

Some fantastic terrain that would look awesome on anyone’s tabletop from Acheson Creations, Dwarven Forge, and Hirst Arts repsectively:

That is it for pictures covering the convention. I don’t have much time available tomorrow as I have a couple seminars and working at the Triple Ace Games booth from 2:00 – 6:00. I’m hoping to get some “upcoming” information from the major publishers, but Saturday is usually a very busy day at Gen Con. Hopefully I can get the seminars transcribed and posted, but most of that is just basic publisher information anyway. I also have an array of pictures for “games in action” that will post probably tomorrow morning, just for fun!

As a reminder, if you haven’t bought what you’re looking for, things tend to disappear quickly on Saturday!

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