Gen Con Report – Day 1 Pre-Convention

After 650+ miles and 11 hours of driving, here I am at Gen Con!! To start, I am absolutely amazed at how the convention center looks this year. There’s so much more space compared to last year and the decor is everywhere! Today is Day #1 where all the convention-goers get their badges and tickets and all the exhibitors rush to get their stands setup. The lines at Will Call were ridiculously long, but everyone seems in high spirits! Gamers are abound and all around me there are make-shift tables and what-not setup for all types of games (so far I’ve seen mostly board games and card games). But where are all the role-playing games? I’m sure they’re around and I just haven’t found them yet. One thing to note is that there is a plethora of role-playing games scheduled throughout the course of the convention.

So here’s the seen today. These halls may be empty, but they will be jam-packed with gamers tomorrow ready to breakdown the doors and get their hands on all the new stuff!

There are two Dungeons & Dragons statues this year gracing the convention floors. The first (pictured) is on second floor near the skyway to the Westin while the second (pictured) is near the new convention center entrance.

Both Paizo and Wizards of the Coast have a very visible presence this year with Wizards of the Coast taking up the Sagamore Ballroom on the second floor for Dungeons & Dragons and Paizo holding a fairly large room of their own on the first floor for Pathfinder.

And for the fun in all of us, Cardhalla is present once again with card towers and displays already being built, just begging to be destroyed for charity!

Tomorrow is meet-and-greet for me as I wander the hall checking out all the tabletop role-playing exhibitors, grabbing pictures and hopefully doing some quick interviews. I also have an interview setup with George Strayton tomorrow morning to discuss his new book The Secret Fire. In the afternoon I’ll be hitting the Fantasy Flight Games seminars to get the latest updates on their Warhammer 40K and Warhammer Fantasy role-playing lines. Plus I’m taking part in Wizards of the Coast’s special press D&D session to preview their upcoming setting Neverwinter. I can’t wait!!!

If you see me walking around, stop me and say “Hi” and maybe we can snap some pictures.

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