Letters From the Editor – June 26, 2011

June 26, 2011

Greetings to all our faithful readers! Summer is upon us (here in the Northern hemisphere that is) and this means vacation season. Incidentally, your Editor-in-Chief of Roleplayers Chronicle will be on vacation for much of July.

To celebrate the 4th of July, I will be traveling to a large family gathering with no Internet access. From Friday July 1 through Sunday July 3, there will be no news posted. If anyone submits news, those will be posted on Sunday evening. In addition, the regularly scheduled Designer’s Diary will be posted on Sunday evening instead of Saturday evening.

Soon after returning, my wife and I are taking our army of children (okay three children and a pregnant wife) to Florida from Friday July 8 through Saturday July 16 and Internet access will be available. News postings will be limited during this time. General product release announcements, unless submitted, will most likely not occur. Company and product line announcements will most likely be posted as normal especially those that are submitted. Cape’s Tales from the Gazebo will be posted as normally scheduled and Saturday July 9th’s Designer’s Diary will follow its regular schedule. The Saturday July 16th’s Designer’s Diary will be posted on Sunday July 17 instead. We’ll be spending plenty of time at the beach so I cannot guarantee regular postings during the week.

If anyone sees me on the beach at Anna Maria Island, stop by and say hi!

Don’t forget that I will be attending Gen Con Indy 2011 as a representative of Roleplayers Chronicle. You’ll find me wandering around talking to all the publishers and playing games late at night. I’m hoping to catch some demos and maybe chat with a few podcasters. During this time, regular news will NOT be posted but I will be posting daily updates of the Gen Con Report (possibly multiple times if I get around to it). If there are important company announcements, I will try to post them, but no guarantees.

Take care everyone and enjoy these summer months!

Aaron T. Huss

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