Modiphius Entertainment Celebrates ‘Summer of Blood’ with Two Vampire: The Masquerade Mega-Bundles

The onset of summer usually means days at the beach, tons of sun, and warm, glorious sunsets. Unless you’re undead of course, in which case you’re better off staying inside enjoying the new Vampire: The Masquerade “Summer of Blood” bundles from Modiphius Entertainment. What better way to solidify your bond with friends and family than with an action-packed, sensory overloaded, politically...

Deep-Cut Studio Accompanies Vampires with a New Game Mat

New game mat release! The vampires are coming and along with them – a new Burial Grounds battlefield. The new design envisions desecrated graveyards, where the bloodthirsty dwell and raise their armies. Will you take claim of these lands or wander around to purify them? The choice is yours at – home of game mats. Links: