Blood Bowl Sevens Pitches Released by Deep-Cut Studio

New game mats release! 7 different designs for the Blood Bowl Sevens game have just hit the shelves. For when you want a faster victory (or humiliation) and full game won’t do – grab yourself one of these fine pitches and enjoy the smaller version of one of greatest miniature sports games ever made. Available at – home of game mats. Links:

The Nowhereville Kickstarter is Live!

This just in from NerdBurger Games… You’ve lived in this town for years. Seemed like a nice enough place. Lately, though, you’ve started noticing just how not nice the town is. The mortality rate is way too high for such a small burg. Weird reports come in regularly. Things creep in the dark. And no one seems to care…or even remember. The Nowhereville Kickstarter is live! Nowhereville is...