Demon Gate The Companion Sale

Demon Gate: The Companion

Grab this discount and game! Lets face it, Covid sucks! Might as well game and try to have some fun laughing and destroying your enemies! This book will be your ally in this quest! It contains a random trap creation table, mutations with different stages, prosthetics for replacing lost bodyparts, magical relics, stones of power, alchemical creations, a life path for character creation, and a nice long adventure to keep you warm in those cold nights. That didn’t come out right at all. Anyway, be sure to check this out and play some Demon Gate for your next game! Even if it isn’t Demon Gate this book will be good for some fun! Good gaming to you and…

“Keep the fires high friend.” -Common Demon Gate Proverb 

-Arcanum Syndicate

Special price for Demon Gate: The Companion: $9.95 (click the link to apply the discount)

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