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Orc Village

DramaScape Fantasy Volume 92

This Product is a 40 x 40 inch, full color battlemap of an Orc Village.

The Product comes with Square, Hex and No Overlay and the Virtual Tabletop Map (VTT).

“Hark, I tracked the orcs and their captives to a canyon in betwixt the dwarf, elf, and human lands. Orcs do not take prisoners unless they are to be ransomed or as sacrifices. Since these are commoners and knights, not nobles, I trow that they are going to be sacrificed. Their defenses are well-nigh impregnable but we must hasten if we are to assay a rescue.”—Human Scout

Orc Village is s a single level exterior map of an orc war camp in a canyon with an orc war chief’s hut, an orc shaman’s totem, watchtowers, and orc villagers’ huts surrounded by defensive palisades and two rock walls protecting the village.

Orc Village is intended for use in fantasy games. This village can be used for any militaristic/sacrificial/primitive fantasy race.

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