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North Africa Expedition Late 1930s

Dramascape Miniatures Volume 22

“I hate camels, they spit”—Explorer

“Modern machines spew exhaust; the only difference is in the direction.”–Mechanic

North Africa Expedition Late 1930s includes camels, motorcycles, a truck, cars, trucks, and planes. Traverse the desert and mountain passes on the back of a desert animal or seat on a land vehicle. Fly to your destination in the comfort of one of five planes!

Ground vehicles include two USA Harley Davidson WLA motorcycles, two German Type 170V Cabriolet B staff cars, two German Volkswagen Kübelwagen scout cars, two German Mercedes-Benz L3000 trucks, and Mark VII World War I tank.

The Mark VII World War I tank has been modified with an additional turret on top and includes interior and exterior views of the tank.

Planes include a Beechcraft Model 18 light transport, United Kingdom Short S.25 Sunderland flying boat bomber, Grumman G-21 Goose, German Flying Wing, and German Messerschmitt BF109.

North Africa Expedition Late 1930s is intended for use in modern pulp games in the era in between World War I and World War II or military games focusing on World War I or II.

The camels can be used in fantasy to modern desert settings.

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