Put An Indie Spin On The 5th Edition of the World’s Greatest Roleplaying Game

Warning: This zine contains references to altering a game you may already think is perfect. It includes depictions of players adding complications to failed rolls, romance-inspired adventures, and more ideas that may shock and disgust grognards. Backer discretion is advised!

Once upon a time, there was a game that changed the course of tabletop gaming for generations. We’re not exactly allowed to say its name because a certain licence won’t let us actually call it what it is… but we’re pretty sure you’ve heard of it. For many, it’s known as “the world’s greatest roleplaying game.” 

Well, this is The World’s Greatest Roleplaying Game: The Zine. It’s a zine providing an “indie spin” on the 5th edition of this tabletop behemoth, a chance to try out something new for those of you who like to dabble or are finally willing to cave in and play the world’s most popular RPG with a few story game ideas in hand. Maybe you’d even like to play a game of players as they actually play the world’s greatest roleplaying game to become the ultimate meta roleplaying game! It’s time to crack this game open and add some extra flavours… but we need your help to do it. 

Each issue you back will be available in PDF and POD (print on demand) from DriveThruRPG. But here’s the big thing – THIS ZINE WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE THROUGH OUR KICKSTARTER!! If you don’t back us, you’ll have to wait until we do another one for 2021. 

While we’re still working on lining up a list of D&D and indie designers for this zine, we did want to let you know some of the articles we’re working on. 

  • Investigation mechanics for 5e – Turn your dunegon crawl into an archaelogical mystery or adapt 5e for a modern detective story using an optional investigation system inspired by the GUMSHOE system by Robin Laws and published by Pelegrane Press. 
  • Complications on failed rolls – What if you could take away the pass/fail aspect of attack rolls and make those failures add excitement and tension to your game? We’re looking into an optional rule that would apply story-based complications onto those failures to keep players on their toes during a wicked battle. 
  • Building a relationship (mechanic) – Just who ARE these people you travel with? On those long journeys from dungeon to dungeon, who do you bond with the most and what lines can you never cross with them? Adding some relationship mechanics can turn your 5e game into a well-produced HBO action/drama series. 
  • How about a high school drama hack of 5e? – Whether your characters are training to become adventurers in one of your world’s greatest academies or in a modern world of everyday teens struggling to get through another Monday, it’s time to really show what these rules can do!  
  • Alternate death rules – Feel like living on the edge with your characters? Strip away those death saves and walk on the wild side with some alternate rules that could actually make you wish someone memorized a raise deadspell. 
  • The World’s Greatest Roleplaying Game: The Game – Imagine a Powered by the Apocalypse (PbtA) RPG about a group of players playing 5e that takes place while YOU play 5e. Featuring playbooks such as the Rules Lawyer, the Min-Maxer and more, each playbook taps into the pros and cons of each of the most common player types in the hobby to provide in-game moves triggered by the events in your existing game of 5e.

What’s An “Indie Spin?”

Different games accomplish different goals to create a unique experience. Even if two games share the same genre, the mechanics can create different styles much like two different directors would present a different take on the same movie. Now consider the existing mechanics for 5e as a movie directed Michael Bay version and another game, such as FateMonsterhearts, or Dungeon World, as the same movie directed by an independent filmmaker. That’s what we’re talking about with an “indie spin.” 

With WGRG: The Zine, we want to take some of the revolutionary story-driven mechanics from some great indie games and designers you might never have heard of and merge them into the core rules for 5e. Optional rules you can add to whichever campaign or sessions you like. Plus we’ll be working with some 5e writers and designers you may already know and letting them add some new ideas into the game they love. 

Search for “The World’s Greatest Roleplaying Game: The Zine” on Kickstarter before Thanksgiving… or else you’ll have to play 5e like everyone else. 

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