Deep-Cut Studio Releases a New Game Mat for Dropzone Commander

New game mat release! Our most recent design of sci-fi city streets just got a boost and is now available for 10mm scale games. This is a fresh new twist for the usual concrete kingdom settings: the future is bright with neon, the future is cold with steel, the future is now and it is one click away at Links:

Deep-Cut Studio Releases a New Neo-Tokyo Game Mat

New game mat release! The new Neo-Tokyo design comes with great inspiration from cyberpunk and sci-fi settings, where sunlight on the streets is replaced with neon lights and happiness comes in a form of syringes and cyber-chips. Some even say, that mechas cyborgs get extra lucky rolls on this battlefield… The playmat is available in 4×4 and other popular sizes and comes in three different...

Deep-Cut Studio is Getting Ready for the Black Friday Game Mat Sale

Exciting weekend calls for exciting offers! All game mats get a discount and some of them are available at -50% off. Once-a-year sale opportunity, limited quantities, flat rate EU shipping, November 25-28 only, let’s get some game mats! Links:

Deep-Cut Studio Launches 9 New Game Mats for Fantasy Football

New game mat release! Better yet – 9 new game mats! And a very special ones – they are Fantasy Football game mats. With preorders for Blood Bowl on the way, we are glad to introduce 9 new pitches to play your matches on. Roast your opponent in an Inferno field, freeze his guts in a Frost-Grave pitch, make him eat dirt in a Muddy Field stadium – the possibilities are countless. Each game mat...

More Orbital Game Mats for Dropfleet Commander from Deep-Cut Studio

New game mat release! Third release in a row is a dedication to Dropfleet Commander game. The latest design represents cold, rocky and hostile planet surface. The mat comes in 4×4 size, pvc, cloth or mousepad material options. Needless to say, it follows our way to deliver you the most striking gaming experience. Check it out at our gallery and pick your favorite from the trio! Links:

Another Orbital Game Mat for Dropfleet Commander from Deep-Cut Studio

New game mat release! A week ago we released our first orbital game mat for Dropfleet Commander. This week we continue to celebrate the release of this great game by launching a new Orbital Dunes play mat. It is a second design in the upcoming trio and features a sandy and rocky planet landscape. As usual – great visuals, stunning details, multiple choice of mat materials (mousepad, pvc, etc.)...

New Orbital Game Mat for Dropfleet Commander from Deep-Cut Studio

New game mat release! It is our hats off to the great game Dropfleet Commander by Hawk Wargames. To celebrate the release of the game we have just launched a dedicated game mat designed for it. A trio of mats will launch, and first one off is the Orbital Earth design. Great visuals with stunning details await you, not to mention the choice of pvc, cloth of mousepad (neoprene) materials for your mat....

Deep-Cut Studio Releases Dedicated Game Mat for Roots of Magic

New game mat release! Latest addition to our play mat range is a dedicated game mat for Roots of Magic miniature game. The design does not only boast a new and unusual technique to draw a mat, but also incorporates specific in-game areas as well. Juicy and new it comes on various materials (pvc, mousepad) and is available at our website at Links:

Deep-Cut Studio Releases Specialised Game Mats for Malifaux

New game mat release – 9 new designs dedicated to Malifaux game have just arrived! Each mat is 3×3 in size and has the standard markings for your convenience and smooth game. The lines are carefully drawn to indicate the essential locations but not to spoil the general view of the board. Choose your favorite from a wide variety of backgrounds, pick your preferred mat type (mousepad, pvc or cloth)...

Nine New Play Mats for Fantasy Medieval Football from Deep-Cut Studio

New game mats release – we bring you nine new backgrounds for fantasy medieval football games. Yes, that‘s nine new ways to play your game, to throw your ball and to smack your opponent. Each mat is available in several materials, including famous mousepad, each is here to accompany your team with stunning graphics and each is hoping to be the chosen one for your table. Check them out on our website! Links:

New Prairie Design Game Mat from Deep-Cut Studio Meets the New Season

New game mat release! We are finishing summer with another great nature background for your tables. Prairie design is all about dry lands and autumn colours. Suitable for fantasy or post-apocalyptic settings alike, this new gaming mat is sure to bring a new twist to your battles. Mats are available in various sizes and material options and may be customized with additional hexes, grids or deployment...

Deep-Cut Studio Releases Limited Edition Game Mat for Space Combats

New gaming mat release! Our first limited edition game mat just saw the daylight. Image, used to create this mat, was released to celebrate Hubble Space Telescope‘s 26th birthday. Bubble Nebula, also known as NGC 7635, lies 8 000 light-years away in the constellation Cassiopeia. This is a truly unique release with each mat having its own serial number. Mat boasts exceptional attention to quality...

Deep-Cut Studio Releases New Gaming Mat for Dropzone Commander

New gaming mat release! Our latest addition in gaming mats range is a tribute to Dropzone Commander game. It is a great new background that comes in pvc, cloth or mousepad materials and few popular sizes to meet your scenario ideas. Unroll, deploy and let your strategy and dice do the talking! Links:

Deep-Cut Studio Releases New Medieval Ruins Gaming Mat

New gaming mat release! Medieval Ruins design is a great background for any fantasy battles. Where once dwelled a great empire, are now only ruins, traces of former glory overtaken by nature. Or it is a perfect setting for a town under siege – only your imagination is the limit. The game mat is available in popular sizes and several material options, including mousepad. Check it out at our gallery! Links:

Deep-Cut Studio Releases New Muddy Fields Gaming Mat

New gaming mat release! Our latest addition to the miniature wargame mats range is a classic field background with a mix of mud. With this new design, not only can you beat your opponent to humiliation, but make him eat dirt as well! The mat comes in lots of various size and material options and is compatible with other designs to make larger gaming tables or add roads or rivers with tiles. Check it...

Deep-Cut Studio Releases New Alien Planet Gaming Mat

New gaming mat release – Alien Planet is probably the goriest and most disturbing design we did so far. It is truly a unique homeland for Tyranids, Predators or any other related filth to nest it’s lair. Mats boast splendid artwork and are available in numerous sizes and material options, including premium mousepad. Check our website for more close-up visuals and tell us what you think.   Links:

Deep-Cut Studio Releases Nature Tiles on Mousepad Material

News announcement – more terrain tiles on mousepad material became available on our website! Midland Nature tiles set has all you ever needed to create a vibrant nature inspired gaming table for your battles. A set has loads of forest tiles, hills, various difficult terrain options and is ready for immediate use with any background. Check it out at our gallery! Links:

Deep-Cut Studio Releases River Tiles on Mousepad Material

News announcement – new river tiles on mousepad material have become available on our website! These modular tile sets, combined with impressive range of gaming mats, allow you to create even more different backgrounds for your miniature game battles. Unique design makes it easy to cut off the grassy background and use the tiles with any battleboard style or theme. Anyone up for a space river or...

Deep-Cut Studio Releases Mousepad Terrain Tiles

News announcement – terrain tiles have just became available on our website. They represent various scenery elements, such as roads, rivers, forests and can be used with any battleboard to create unique settings. The tiles are manufactured on mousepad material and come in sets of at least 10 various pieces. Ready to use out of the package, takes very little space to store or transport, premium materials...

Deep-Cut Studio Releases Gaming Mats on Magnet Sheets

Major news announcement – gaming mats with magnet backing have just hit the streets! All our space themes are now available as ultra durable playmats manufactured on magnet sheets and covered with extra layer of protection. They are an excellent solution for those, searching for precision and competitiveness in their games. The miniatures will no longer slide around the table even if hit with dice...