Gothic Ruins Game Mats Hit the Streets from Deep-Cut Studio

New game mat release! Gothic Ruins is another title that speaks for itself and offers no compromises. Futuristic, dirty, grim and beautiful in its own majestic way, it has the right ingredients for any dystopian sci-fi or WH40k setting. Available on premium neoprene material in any size you can think of at – home of game mats. Links:

More Guild Ball game mats from Deep-Cut Studio

Two new game mats this week – both for Hunters guild to kick their goals in Guild Ball matches. One pitch is a dedication to Mood Goddess while the second is blessed by a Sun Father. Both feature beautiful artwork and both boast top of a line quality. Check out to see which you like more. Links:

New Official Union Guild Ball Pitch Released by Deep-Cut Studio

Another new game mat this week – official Guild Ball pitch for Union players. Call them mercenaries or criminals, but they have their own turf to prove who is a boss now. Check it out at Links:

Deep-Cut Studio Reloads their Wasteland Game Mat with New Visuals and Eye Candy

We are updating our game mats and this week a big boost goes to Wasteland design. New artwork features state of the art detail level and completely new visuals to feast your eyes upon. Now with more sand in your enemy shoes, more wicked spots to drive into trouble, more desolation and despair for post-apo survivors. Find it at – home of game mats. Links:

New Official Fishermans Guild Ball Pitch Released by Deep-Cut Studio

New game mat release for Guild Ball Fishermans guild! Score your goals on the sunny side of beach with this officially licensed pitch – available now at Links:

Deep-Cut Studio Launches a New Game Mat for Adeptus Titanicus

New game mat release! Let the Titanicus title speak for itself and let those colossals shake the ground while they wage the war against their enemies. Beautifully detailed and just the right scale for the upcoming game, this new battlefield will make each of your games special. Get yours at Links:

Official Falconers guild pitch released from Deep-Cut Studio

New game mat release! After a long wait Falconers get their own personal playground. Officially licensed, top quality playmat is here to keep your team mates happy and their kicks – accurate. Check it out at Links:

Deep-Cut Studio Release Reef Game Mat for Underwater Battles

New game mat release! Load your harpoons, buckle up the diving suits and bring your battles to the underwater realms with the latest Reef playmat. Build your table with islands in shallow waters or let the lizardfolk and deepkin enjoy their natural realms surrounded with ship wreck. As always, you can expect only the finest materials and exceptional artwork with our game mats. Oh, and first one to...

Deep-Cut Studio Makes it Simple with their New Abyss Black Game Mat

New game mat release! For when you need a simple and neutral table cover – Abyss Black playmat will serve the purpose perfectly. The mat is available in any size you can think of and offers soft and smooth premium surface to enjoy your tabletop or card game or just any other activity. But be careful – when you gaze into the blackness for too long, it might start gazing back into you too. See for...

Deep-Cut Studio Releases Game Mats for RPGs that you can Write on

New game mat release! To all of you who love tabletop RPGs, this is a game mat for you. Water based pens compatible PVC material, 1 inch grid when tactics and strategy calls, just the right dimensions to fit a standard dungeon or other map. Keep a track of characters and mobs and their stats, never lose important details and then wipe them off with a simple wet tissue. It’s a must have accessory...

New Game Mat for Guild Ball Farmers Team Released by Deep-Cut Studio

New game mat release! Farmers will reap what you sow and there is no stopping them on their new dedicated Guild Ball pitch. Official, licensed, top quality playmat just became available on our website and at retailers near you. Check it out at Links:

Deep-Cut Studio Releases New Limited Edition Game Mat for Space Combats

New game mat release! Limited edition game mats have a new member – Messier 78 design. An actual high resolution space image of the beautiful nebula is an eye candy to play space dogfights on.  Premium materials, extra quality control – it is a top of a line playmat like no other. Give it a try at Links:

Tropical Swamp Game Mat Release from Deep-Cut Studio

New game mat release! Pirates rejoice and fantasy dwellers share excitement about the new playmat. Tropical Swamp design walks the sunny side of street and offers a completely new way to play your games with lots of small islands and scattered hot areas through the battlefield. Best served with bridges, wrecked ships and maybe old fortifications? But let’s hear your ideas how would you build the...

Deep-Cut Studio Teams Up with Steamforged Games to Release Official Game Mats for Guild Ball

New game mat release! We teamed up with Steamforged Games and released the very first official and dedicated game mat for Guild Ball. Ratcatchers are about to see the daylight and they get their very own pitch to show who’s boss. Needless to say, this is a top quality mousepad playmat and is a must for anyone playing Pipers’ tune. Check it out at – the home of game mats. Links:

Deep-Cut Studio Releases Official Game Mat for Pacific Rim: Extinction by River Horse

New game mat release! We teamed up with River Horse to bring you an official dedicated game mat for upcoming Pacific Rim: Extinction tabletop miniatures game. The game will hit the shelves later this year, until then be sure to prepare your battlefield with this gorgeous playmat. Plenty of great details, premium materials, approved by Kaiju and Jaegers alike. Check it out at –...

Deep-Cut Studio Launches Dice Trays with Personalized Images

Exciting news! We have just launched dice trays with custom images to boost your rolls. Will you use it with your personalized army, game setting or a character? Will you add them to the swag bags for the participants of your tournament or other event? Will your club enjoy that extra bit of uniqueness? Use these trays to roll the dice where you want them, use them to keep the tokens at hand or use...

New Cosmic Game Mats from Deep-Cut Studio!

New game mat release! Following the previously released Dunes Planet cosmic playmat, the new Nebula is the latest addition to the series. Heavily inspired by actual Hubble photos, the design is a great blend of artist imagination and extraterrestrial reality. Available in all the sizes and all the game mat materials you need, fully customizable with hexes or grids. Check it out at our gallery at

Deep-Cut Studio Releases New Space Theme Game Mats

New game mat release! Here is a boost to space theme playmats and first in line is Dunes Planet. Available in 6×4, 6×3 and 3×3 sizes, pvc, cloth and mousepad materials, fully customizable with hexes or grids. More cosmic goodness coming soon, meanwhile check this new release at – the home of game mats. Links:

Deep-Cut Studio releases Dungeon themed game mat for all you dark souls!

New game mat release! Something for RPG lovers and grim souls enjoying darkness of crypts and underground this time. Dungeon game mat features large continuous background to suit any generic tabletop or miniature game and has subtle 1 inch tiles carved for easy usage with popular RPG systems. Available not only as mousepad mats, but as pvc, compatible with whiteboard markers too. Check them out at...

Deep-Cut Studio Releases Mousepad Dice Trays

“YOU SHALL NOT PA… <sound of rolling dice> Hm, looks like you will”. Do your rolls need that one extra point to make it happen? Do your dice feel sad and out of touch with you? We have a solution – Dice Trays! Give your dice the attention they deserve, let them enjoy their personal tray and let them shine when you need it most. Give your rolls a boost with the new mousepad dice trays,...