Deep-Cut Studio Releases Another Aerial Game Mat for WW2 dogfights

New game mat release! It is a new aerial battlefield dedicated to the upcoming Blood Red Skies game from Warlord Games. Full of trenches, fortifications, dirt and despair, this new design sets just the right mood to fly above the front lines in support of your troops. Inspired by documentary photos and with the added artistic touch, new game mat is like no other. Find it at and...

Deep-Cut Studio releases aerial game mat for WW2 themed dogfights

New game mat release! We start the season with a game mat dedicated to aerial dogfights in WW2 era. Heavy influenced by documentary photos of that time, the design boasts exceptional attention to details and brings just the right feeling while chasing your opponent in the clouds. The game mat can be manufactured with various hex layouts on mousepad (neoprene) material too. Find this mat at

Deep-Cut Studio Releases Gotham Game Mat

New game mat release! This nocturnal beauty is called Gotham for a reason. Countless hours spent with Batman comics, games and movies resulted in ultimate battlefield for the villains and heroes of DC universe. Unique techniques were used to draw this game mat – the moonlight reflections and fog effects are just a few details that make this mat stand out from the crowd. But one might find the...

More Game Mats for Runewars from Deep-Cut Studio

New game mats for Runewars! With the second wave of 3×6 size mousepad mats you will find even more options for your game tables. More snow, more sand, more rocks and of course – more grass for your troops fight on. Check the full range at and pick your favorite while the new expansions for the game are hot! Links:

Deep-Cut Studio Releases Sandy Game Mats for Dedicated Games

New sandy game mats for dedicated games! They are compatible with Blood Bowl, Guild Ball, Malifaux games, but a standard release can cover up to 4×6 size battlefield as well. If you ever had an idea for a team that has words ‘dry’, ‘dust’, or ‘desert’ in it – this new game mat design might be a place, where they come from. Check out our gallery at for more great...

Game Mats for Runewars from Deep-Cut Studio

New game mats for Runewars! We are hyped about the game and are glad to offer a new range of game mats in 3×6 size. How will your table look like when the game hits the shelves? Forests, fields and all things green? Sand and rocks? City streets or all in ruins? It’s all covered at Links:

Deep-Cut Studio Releases Wild West Themed Game Mat

New game mat release! Wild West design IS the mat for tumbleweed, cowboys and the echo of six-shooters. Best served with cactus juice, flash of a sheriff badge and under a sound of a steam powered train. The gaming mat comes in mousepad, pvc and cloth materials, several standard sizes and has options for grids or hexes. Available now at Links:

A New Walking Dead Miniature Game Mat Release from Deep-Cut Studio

New game mat release! Walking Dead miniature game deserves all the attention it gets, and ours comes in a shape of dedicated game mat. The design represents a downtown with flexible areas to deploy the scenery. The pvc or mousepad mats are available as a single 4×6 size surface, or precut into 6 pcs of 2×2 maps. That’s 6 game mats in one! Why wait, get yours today at

Deep-Cut Studio Releases Limited Edition Game Mat for Space Combats

New game mat release! Our limited edition series have special images, that stand out from the crowd. Messier 82 (M82) Starburst Galaxy, shown on this mat is known to be the closest starburst galaxy to Earth. It’s center is 100 times more luminous than our galaxy center. This M82 is remarkable for its webs of shredded clouds and flame-like plumes of glowing hydrogen blasting out from its central...

Walking Dead Miniature Game Mat Release from Deep-Cut Studio

New game mat release! Walking Dead miniature game just got better with the fresh release of a new game mat for it. It is 360 degree compatible with the setting – the scale, the mood, the usability. With just a few slices of the hobby knife you can turn this mat into 6 independent 2×2 size mats. Further on, each can be used together to create various 2×4 size boards for larger games. Sounds...

New Orbital Game Mat for Dropfleet Commander Released from Deep-Cut Studio

New game mat release! Great games deserve special attention and our latest design is a dedication to Dropfleet Commander game again. Orbital Night Coast title speaks for itself, but the image is worth a thousand words. Top grade art, top grade mousepad material, top grade gaming experience – our mission to deliver you only the best continues. Check this new design at our website at Links:

Deep-Cut Studio Releases a New Game Mat for Dropzone Commander

New game mat release! Our most recent design of sci-fi city streets just got a boost and is now available for 10mm scale games. This is a fresh new twist for the usual concrete kingdom settings: the future is bright with neon, the future is cold with steel, the future is now and it is one click away at Links:

Deep-Cut Studio Releases a New Neo-Tokyo Game Mat

New game mat release! The new Neo-Tokyo design comes with great inspiration from cyberpunk and sci-fi settings, where sunlight on the streets is replaced with neon lights and happiness comes in a form of syringes and cyber-chips. Some even say, that mechas cyborgs get extra lucky rolls on this battlefield… The playmat is available in 4×4 and other popular sizes and comes in three different...

Deep-Cut Studio is Getting Ready for the Black Friday Game Mat Sale

Exciting weekend calls for exciting offers! All game mats get a discount and some of them are available at -50% off. Once-a-year sale opportunity, limited quantities, flat rate EU shipping, November 25-28 only, let’s get some game mats! Links:

Deep-Cut Studio Launches 9 New Game Mats for Fantasy Football

New game mat release! Better yet – 9 new game mats! And a very special ones – they are Fantasy Football game mats. With preorders for Blood Bowl on the way, we are glad to introduce 9 new pitches to play your matches on. Roast your opponent in an Inferno field, freeze his guts in a Frost-Grave pitch, make him eat dirt in a Muddy Field stadium – the possibilities are countless. Each game mat...

More Orbital Game Mats for Dropfleet Commander from Deep-Cut Studio

New game mat release! Third release in a row is a dedication to Dropfleet Commander game. The latest design represents cold, rocky and hostile planet surface. The mat comes in 4×4 size, pvc, cloth or mousepad material options. Needless to say, it follows our way to deliver you the most striking gaming experience. Check it out at our gallery and pick your favorite from the trio! Links:

Another Orbital Game Mat for Dropfleet Commander from Deep-Cut Studio

New game mat release! A week ago we released our first orbital game mat for Dropfleet Commander. This week we continue to celebrate the release of this great game by launching a new Orbital Dunes play mat. It is a second design in the upcoming trio and features a sandy and rocky planet landscape. As usual – great visuals, stunning details, multiple choice of mat materials (mousepad, pvc, etc.)...

New Orbital Game Mat for Dropfleet Commander from Deep-Cut Studio

New game mat release! It is our hats off to the great game Dropfleet Commander by Hawk Wargames. To celebrate the release of the game we have just launched a dedicated game mat designed for it. A trio of mats will launch, and first one off is the Orbital Earth design. Great visuals with stunning details await you, not to mention the choice of pvc, cloth of mousepad (neoprene) materials for your mat....

Deep-Cut Studio Releases Dedicated Game Mat for Roots of Magic

New game mat release! Latest addition to our play mat range is a dedicated game mat for Roots of Magic miniature game. The design does not only boast a new and unusual technique to draw a mat, but also incorporates specific in-game areas as well. Juicy and new it comes on various materials (pvc, mousepad) and is available at our website at Links:

Deep-Cut Studio Releases Specialised Game Mats for Malifaux

New game mat release – 9 new designs dedicated to Malifaux game have just arrived! Each mat is 3×3 in size and has the standard markings for your convenience and smooth game. The lines are carefully drawn to indicate the essential locations but not to spoil the general view of the board. Choose your favorite from a wide variety of backgrounds, pick your preferred mat type (mousepad, pvc or cloth)...