Terrors and Tommyguns Cosmic Horror Noir RPG Kickstarter

Terrors and Tommyguns is the newest TTRPG from Drinking Horn Games. Set in the fictionalized 1920s city of New Babylon, Terrors and Tommyguns uses a unique dice pool system to quickly calculate rolls at the table. Seizing upon the themes of both Cosmic Horror and Noir films/media, players will take the mantle of members of The Collective, a secret society that acts as an arbiter of all things supernatural within New Babylon.
Featuring intuitive mechanics, awesome (and sometimes hilarious) player abilities, and gorgeous art from our professional art team, Terrors and Tommyguns is a Kickstarter you won’t want to miss.
Join The Collective at:
More information about the game is here: https://drinkinghorngames.com/terrors-and-tommyguns-game-info/
About us
Drinking Horn Games is made up of Nick Porter (a critical care nurse), Dominic De Duonni (a Special Education educator) and Leah Porter (an Art Educator). It was founded in 2018 following the successful Kickstarter of their first game, Sagas of Midgard, which went to retail three months early in December of 2018. We believe strongly in the connecting, educational, and healing power of Tabletop RPGs and giving back to our community:In March of 2020, to encourage people to stay home as the COVID-19 pandemic began we gave away hundreds of Sagas of Midgard PDF Corebooks for free and sold hundreds more for $1. The RPG community has been great to us, and we look forward to helping them tell stories with their friends for years to come.

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