John Carter of Mars Legacy Map and Travel Guide Launches!

Today we’re delighted to announce the release of the John Carter of Mars Legacy Map and Travel Guide, to bring you new opportunities to explore the dying planet of Barsoom!

The John Carter of Mars Legacy Map is available exclusively on Modiphius .net as part of the John Carter of Mars Collection. Here are the details on this fantastic new playing aid.

The Legacy Map of Barsoom gives you the tools to make the Red Planet your own. A double sided, full colour A2 map of the beloved world created by Edgar Rice Burroughs shows you all the known locations and cities on Barsoom, with the other side showing the city of Korad.

As you play through your adventures and create your version of the world, you’ll no longer forget where you placed your custom city, mysterious structure, ancient ruin or hidden stronghold as you can mark them on the map with the included custom marker stickers.

To aid even further in creating you own interesting locations for players to explore is a PDF Travel Guide designed as a resource for narrators filled with further guidance for exploration.

The Legacy Map of Barsoom pack Includes:

  • Double sided, full colour A2 Map of Barsoom detailing all the prominent locations seen in the RPG and the novels. One side features the map of Baroom, the other the city of Korad.
  • Custom marker stickers, illustrated to match the existing location markers, with options for various Martian cities, temples, caves, ruins, farms, villages, mysterious structures, and hidden strongholds.
  • PDF Travel Guide for narrators, featuring information on how to use the map, additional advice on how to run travel heavy games, exploration roll tables to build new locations and their features, as well as a number of pre-written locations and their features described for use in your adventures.

That’s all for today, have fun and stay safe!

Best wishes,

Modiphius Entertainment

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