The Enterprise NX-01 Crew Beam into Star Trek Adventures!

Today we’re delighted to announce the release of the Star Trek AdventuresEnterprise Crew PDF, making the characters of the Enterprise NX-01 era available for your tabletop games.
The Star Trek Adventures Enterprise Crew PDF is available on as part of the Star Trek Adventures Collection and on
This 16-page PDF contains player character statistics for the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise NX-01, including Captain Jonathan Archer, Commander T’Pol, Commander Charles Tucker III, Lieutenant Malcolm Reed, Lieutenant Hoshi Sato, Ensign Travis Mayweather, Doctor Phlox, and Commander Thy’lek Shran.
The pack also contains game statistics for the U.S.S. Enterprise NX-01.  These characters require the Star Trek Adventures core rulebook to use in play.
This is a PDF product; upon purchase you will be e-mailed a link to access the regular version and printer-friendly versions in PDF. There is no print version of this product.
We hope you enjoy this new Star Trek Adventures PDF and look out next Thursday when the Iconic Villains PDF brings a galaxy of new adversaries to your tabletop,
Best wishes,
Modiphius Entertainment

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