9TH Level Games Announces New Hosted Online Play Service

9TH Level Games Announces New Hosted Online Play Service

9th Level RPGs run by vetted GMs

[PHILADELPHIA, PA, July 6, 2020] 9th Level Games announced today that they will be releasing their new Hosted Online Play service on 7/18/20. Players can book seats now! Tickets can be purchased individually or as an entire virtual table for up to 6 players per game! Book now at https://www.9thlevel.com/hostedonlineplay

9th Level’s GMs will be running games of Kobolds Ate My Baby! The beer and pretzels classic where players have silly, brutal adventures as the monsters dungeon adventurers typically kill; The Excellents, a game about being excellent princesses in an AWESOME cartoon world; and 9th Level’s first fantasy RPG, MAZES the Polymorph RPG of dungeons and danger!

Many of the 9th Level Games’ GMs have been running games for 9th Level at conventions for over 10 years. These experienced, imaginative folks will give players the adventure of their dreams, in the comfort of their own home for the price of a movie ticket!

9th Level Games is a small indie game design and publishing house known for its unique blend of humor, playability, and willingness to try new things. We focus on bringing fun, great looking, great playing games to your table!!! Our most well-known games include the Kobolds Ate My Baby! RPG line, the Schrödinger’s Cats card game, Meeple Party board game and Mazes fantasy RPG Zine.

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