Mew-Tants by Anima Press is Available Now!

Anima Press is proud to announce the launch of it’s first RPG Mew-Tants! Available now here

Designed by Anima Press founder Aled Lawlor, Mew-Tants! is a rules-lite, indie rpg zine that uses a simple d6 system where everyone is a cat. Not just a normal cat, but a cat with a unique mutant superpower that ranges from tele-cat-nesis to laser pointer eyes to cat-ortionism.

Players will explore their neighbourhoods, rescue stranded kittens and take down fearsome were-woofs in this game designed for 2-5 players and a games master. Anything is possible, except for things requiring thumbs, you are still a cat.

Mew-Tants! is presented in a gorgeous A5, 24 page, risograph printed, 120 GSM, saddle-stitched zine format. This contains all the rules needed to play as well as a short adventure ‘The Catnapping.’ Will your team of mutant cats find the missing Kitty Foo-Foo and bring the culprit to justice? Ideal for one shots but able to carry longer adventures, Mew-Tants is a purr-fect addition to any cat lovers RPG collection.

Mew-Tants was successfully funded at over 200% on Kickstarter and has been fully fulfilled to the early backers.

The RPG is available now in both print and PDF.

You can pick up a physical copy here –

You can pick up a digital copy here –

Mew-Tants is the first in a planned series of animal based RPGs, with the next planned game ‘Were-Woofs’ being set within the same universe but have players take control of a muttley group of doggos. All of the games will be cross compatible in respects to rules and adventures you can play together.

This is the first physical RPG product Anima Press has succesfully launched, beyond Mew-Tants they are working on multiple projects including Alchemists Apothecaries and Accountants a Troika! RPG supplement, an entry for the Dissident Whispers a one page dungeon project in support of Black Lives Matters and artwork for the post-brexit RPG Shadow of Mogg.

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