DEGENESIS goes Free To Play

After six years of physical and digital publications, DEGENESIS goes Free to Play.
All of our products are now available as free PDF downloads on the brand new website:


SIXMOREVODKA is proud to offer DEGENESIS as the first Free to Play tabletop RPG, launching April 13th 2020.

In celebration of this announcement, the game’s website WWW.DEGENESIS.COM has been entirely overhauled to accompany the new business model. In addition, countless new visual and interactive features have been added to allow for a unique user experience for new and veteran players alike.


DEGENESIS is a critically acclaimed and Free to Play Tabletop RPG, with an international community and cult following. It merges visionary design, intuitive gameplay, and dense worldbuilding, thrusting new Players into an inhospitable future at the close of the 26th century.



DEGENESIS is the first professionally developed RPG universe fully available in a Free to Play format. Originally launched in 2014, it has since spanned across multiple publications and grown a vivid online community of players and fans alike. As designers we are committed to taking this universe to new heights and creating the most immersive and interconnected online experience ever envisioned for a roleplaying game.


Every single one of our previous books has greatly surpassed its budget and pagecount, as well as the estimated quality benchmark. With every new release we’ve tried to outshine the last, leading to longer and longer production cycles in which we needed to keep our communities entertained. In the long run, this is not sustainable for a small team like ours. By switching over to the Free to Play model we allow ourselves to expand the world of Degenesis holistically through frequent website updates, without having to sacrifice the quality of our book production. Our fans get to enjoy new material on a weekly basis, while the devs can sink their teeth into creating the best products possible without the pressure of looming deadlines or hype fatigue.



The DEGENESIS universe is a living and ever-growing visual exhibit of Europe and Africa, set at the close of the 26th century. Enjoy brand new content as well as signature stories and previews of upcoming publications every week, curated by the designers, artists, and developers at SMV. The materials presented are prepared for casual readers and hardcore fans alike. Dive headlong into the vast expanse of DEGENESIS, explore its Cultures, Cults, Icons, Cities, History, and much more…



New material is coming in hot and fast. Register to stay up to date with all the newest developments and gain access to our free publication library. All of our published content is Free to Play and digitally available for everyone after registration. No hidden fees, no mandatory subscriptions, just plain awesome content. Enjoy!



SIXMOREVODKA, commonly abbreviated to SMV, is a premier design studio located in Berlin, one of the most eccentric capitals in the world. With a decade of service under our belts we’ve clawed our way up to become a leading purveyor for concept art and illustration for some of the biggest franchises in entertainment, including video games, movies, comics, and editorials.

We’re a company founded by artists and run by artists. Therefore, everything we do allows us to fully commit to our craft. No shortcuts, no cheats, the whole nine yards.


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