CAPERS Offworld Kickstarter is Live!

This just in from NerdBurger Games…

Heads up, Macs and Janes. The CAPERS Offworld Kickstarter is live!

It’s the 1920s and earthlings have developed space travel. Nefarious space gangsters strive to steal their piece of the intergalactic pie. Stalwart space cops seek to bring them to justice. And it all happens in high-flying, pulp action among the stars. You are one of these space cops or rocket robbers…and you have super-powers!

CAPERS Offworld presents a 1920s world that asks the question, “What if it was the Soaring Twenties, rather than the Roaring Twenties?”

This supplement includes a variety of new player and GM content, including:

  • Alien species to play
  • Rules expansions for space gear, spaceships, and space combat
  • Biomechanical augments for your character’s body
  • New powers
  • Additional GM guidelines and tools
  • Information on a dozen worlds and space stations
  • Space monsters
  • Time travel, space hazards, relics, and more

CAPERS Offworld is the third supplement for the award winning CAPERS RPG, designed by Craig Campbell of NerdBurger Games. The core CAPERS game and all the other supplements are available as part of this Kickstarter.

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