GKG Hires New Retail Alliance Staff

Gate Keeper Games & Dice hires new Business Development Manager!

Name: Nathan Atkinson

Technical Title: Business Development Manager

GKG Rank: Knight Commander of Retail Alliances

Unsolicited Quote: “There is just something about Gaming that brings people together… It’s like walking through the wardrobe into Narnia!”

Backstory: Originally from a rural farming community in Indiana, Nathan grew up playing boardgames and Euchre as a child, which naturally resulted in owning a purple Crown Royal bag full of dice by the time he graduated High School.

Non-Gaming Interests: Spending years traveling the world with the fashion and film industries, Nathan found himself gaming in all 10 of the countries he lived in through that work, and picked up several languages.

Professional Experience: With Alderac Entertainment Group’s Vanguard program Nathan demonstrated hundreds of games at his Friendly Local Game Store in Indianapolis, Indiana, as well as at Gen Con events for several years. Most recently Nathan served the gaming community with Pegasus Spiele as their North American Representative at major conventions and prestigious trade shows such as the Alliance Open House, PHD Trade Show, and GAMA.

Future: Nathan is now very excited to bring that ever-growing passion to the next level, and is looking-forward to sharing his love of dice and gaming with a Friendly Local Game Store near you as Gate Keeper Game’s Business Development Manager – AKA: Knight Commander of Retail Alliances!

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