The Armatelorum Folio of Arms & Armor to Release March 4th!

Announcing Release of the Armatelorum: A Folio of Ancient & Medieval Arms & Armor

A valuable resource for all sorts of weaponry and armor meant for Players AND Game-Masters!

The Armatelorum is a resource manual filled with pregenerated weapons and suits of armor using the weapon and armor construction rules from the Dice & Glory Core Rulebook. It is a valuable resource for any Player that has a need to customize their character. Game-Masters will also find it invaluable to equip their NPCs with a variety of arms.

This fully illustrated book has 10 chapters: Medieval Weapons & Armor, Melee Weapons, Missile Weapons, War Engines & Artillery, Shields-Helmets & Pieces, Suits of Armor, Stone-Age Weaponry, Ingenious Weapons & Gimmicks, Special Training, and Improvised Weaponry. Some chapters reprinted and expanded from the Character Codex series of books as well as portions of the weapon & armor chapter from the Dice & Glory Core Rulebook.

This sourcebook focuses on every major category of ancient weaponry such as swords, pole-arms, bows, scythes, even siege engines. It includes rarer versions of weapons and armor such as zweihanders, the zanbato, weapons of the samurai & ninja, messers, recurved bows, shillelagh, and ball & chain weapons even muscle cuirasses.

The weapons and armor found within this manual were written with historical facts as well as keeping the fun factor of fantasy roleplaying in mind. Each weapon or piece/suit of armor has a table statistics entry and a short paragraph description with some variations mentioned along with applicable stats and modifications.

The Armatelorum: A Folio of Ancient & Medieval Arms & Armor is an 80+-page book available in PDF format on March 4, 2020 and available in Print editions at the start of June at the latest. It is a supplement meant for the Dice & Glory ttRPG system.

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