Era: Lost Legend – on Kickstarter!

At Shades of Vengeance, we don’t create games or comics, we create universes!

We build these entire worlds in full before telling our stories in them, using the stories to focus the details we want to talk about in our tales. Our team has been doing this for almost eight years, and has produced 11 Tabletop RPGs in that time.

Our latest is Era: Lost Legend, a game which aims to immerse you in a Final Fantasy-inspired world, complete with an evil corporation, sinister villains, robots and monsters, Ethereal “summons” as playable characters and much more!

The game allows stories like those you see in the various JRPGs which most of our team grew up loving – from defending your village from attacks by monsters to embarking on an epic quest to gather a group and save the world, we’re proud to offer what you’ve always wanted.

Era: Lost Legend – and the other “Era” games – run on the Era d10 Rule Set, which is a multiple d10 dice pool system offering fast combat, flexible gameplay and no reason for the GM to ever say “no” (more “if you’re sure…”)!

It’s currently on Kickstarter, as our 52nd project, so you can be confident you will get your copy of this amazing game before long! Join us there:

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