CAPERS Covert Kickstarter is Live

This just in from NerdBurger Games…

Heads up, Macs and Janes. The CAPERS Covert Kickstarter is live!

It’s the 1960s and the Cold War rages. Diabolical super-villains implement plans for market, corporate, and global domination. Scientists craft gadgets to help sexy super-spies battle these villains. You are one of these super-villains or super-spies clashing in exciting and exotic locales…and you have super-powers!

In CAPERS Covert, you portray a character with extraordinary abilities living a high stakes life as a super-spy or a super-villain.

CAPERS Covert offers a complete 1960s Las Vegas backdrop that carries the CAPERS timeline forward 40 years. It also includes new content that can be used in the CAPERS game with no modification required:

  • Expanded character options
  • Vehicle chase rules
  • Rules for gadgets
  • New powers
  • Additional GM guidelines and tools
  • Super-spy and super-villain organizations

CAPERS Covert is the second supplement for the award winning CAPERS RPG, designed by Craig Campbell of NerdBurger Games. The core CAPERS game is available at a discount in this Kickstarter.

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