Corpus Malicious: The Ultimate Evil Codex for 5e

Something Evil is Coming

Creators of Svilland Campaign Setting, Dream Realm Storytellers is working on a new Kickstarter campaign. Corpus Malicious is a sourcebook for anything evil in Dungeons and Dragons. It is serving both players and Dungeon Masters. It provides 400 pages of new content that involves 35 evil-natured archetypes, 5 backgrounds, 3 races, 10 feats, 20 spells, 35 monsters, 50 items, and 25 villains. They will increase even further with stretch goals achieved!

The book is going to delve into nature and many aspects of evil by answering the questions; what and how is it like to be evil, what is it like to be at the opposite side of the moral war. Such matters are often undiscovered in D&D games. To fortify this experience, the book is going to provide new rules for various forms of evil degenerations, as well as vampirism and lycanthropy.

You Can Even Try The Book with Demo Booklet

The 50 pages demo of the ultimate sourcebook of evil is released. Through these pages, you will find the purest forms of evil written in 5e rules. In this booklet, a little portion of the whole content is given, which includes 2 races, 5 archetypes, 2 backgrounds, 13 items, 2 cults, 10 monsters, and 5 villains. With these, you can create your own villains and evil player characters or use written monsters, NPCs and cults to strike fear and evil to your players’ hearts.

Click Here to Download Demo Booklet:

The project is going to launch on October 15th, to be informed you can subscribe to the e-newsletter ( ) or visit the Facebook event page

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