Historia for 5th Edition – Kickstarter Coming Soon!

Mana Project Studio is proud to present Historia, Dark Fantasy Renaissance setting for 5th Edition populated by anthropomorphic animals, who stand against hardships and dangers of a feral and precarious world.

The heroes of Historia will explore unknown lands, unravel plots and intrigue and will be reforged by the fires of adventure.

Something ancient has been unearthed in the depths of the Pit and now every potency in the world wants its share of it!

Historia is born of the collaboration between Mirko Failoni (concept artist and illustrator for Vampire The Masquerade, Age of Sigmar, Pathfinder, Wraith The Oblivion, Lost Citadel, and many others), Michele Paroli (author of Journey To Ragnarok, founder and lead designer of Mana Project Studio) and Matteo Pedroni (one of the game designers of Journey To Ragnarok and upcoming CMON Zombicide RPG).

The team listed down below is not the whole extent of professionals who will collaborate on the project.

Authors: Mirko Failoni, Michele Paroli, Matteo Pedroni

Art Directors: Mirko Failoni e Michele Paroli

Game Mechanics: Davide C. Milano e Matteo Pedroni

Illustrations: Mirko Failoni, Roman Kuteynikov,  Fabio Porfidia, Mauro Alocci, Andrea Guardino and many more!

Graphic and Template Layout: Michele Paroli

Historia Logo: Loris De Marco

Mana Project Studio, that brought you Journey to Ragnarok, is proud to present Historia, a supplement setting-rulebook for the 5th Edition (5e) of the world most famous roleplaying game.

Our goal is to produce an Hardcover book of ~250 pages packed with full-color illustrations and maps, including (depending on the stretch goals reached, they may increase):

  • 15 new playable races, called Familiae, divided into Species that will allow you to play ~50 different anthropomorphic animals
  • 9 new classes designed to fit a Renaissance setting, each with different archetypes
  • New powerful kinds of magic
  • Firearms rules and historically accurate equipment
  • New backgrounds that will lead forward the destiny of the characters, the Ventures
  • A new system of Factions and Careers with Ranks and Prestige
  • New optional rules for all your 5th Edition games
  • Encounters and Characters from the world of Historia

Stunning Artworks mainly designed by Mirko Failoni!!!

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