Modiphius Launches V5 Organised Play Program & New V5 Books Announced

Modiphius is now signing up Storytellers for the official Vampire the Masquerade 5th Edition Organised Play campaign. Following the launch at Gencon last year V5 has been growing incredibly fast worldwide and we’d love you to be part of the exciting chronicles we’ve got planned.
Organised Play for V5 is going to be a global event and we’ll be co-ordinating with our partners everywhere to bring you a series of fantastic free Chronicles tailor made for use at conventions, store events and in your own groups. We also want you to have your say in how it evolves too. So if you would like to get Chronicles in advances of release, help introduce the game to new players, grow the community and a chance to provide your feedback please sign up here:
If you’d to be involved in on-going development of new V5 content please sign up for our playtest team for V5 and include in the comments that you’re interested in V5. We’d expect you to have a regular group playing V5 so we can give you certain content to try out as needed and give us feedback.
​The Fall of London is in development right now. This will be the first official Chronicle for Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition and it’s being produced by Modiphius Entertainment.
“London is burning. As the Second Inquisition put the city’s Kindred to the torch, your characters wake from torpor. The sensible thing would be to flee now, but before you can leave the capital, you have one last job to do…”
This campaign is perfect to bring your Vampire players up to speed on the plot developments in Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition or as as a gateway for new players.
Lead Development of this project is in the capable hands of none other than Steffie De Vaan! Her team of writers includes a mix of industry veterans and rising stars, including a few actual Londoners for good measure!
Coming on its heels is the Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition Players Guide. An essential guide containing additional information on Clans, Disciplines, new tools plus some excellent playing advice and alternative ways to play. And finally, an overview of all 13 Kindred clans in one place! Find out everything you needed to know to play your best V5 game yet.
Last but not least, we’re working on the Vampire the Masquerade 5th Edition Starter Set which is aimed at your friends who want to get started as Storytellers. It’s the perfect choice for those wanting to dip their fingers in to the Masquerade without purchasing the core book. The Starter Set box will contain an abridged rulebook, a starter chronicle that will teach you to run and play the game as you go, dice, pre-generated characters: everything you need to get your first V5 Chronicle on the way!
We’ll be updating you via this V5 mailing list over the coming months and you can expect
these to hit retail shelves by February 2020, however the Fall of London Chronicle and Vampire Player’s Guide will be available in advance PDF by Christmas.
About Modiphius Entertainment
Modiphius Entertainment is a London, England-based entertainment publisher of tabletop games and related hobby merchandise. The company launched its first game, the Achtung! Cthulhu Roleplaying Game, in 2013, followed by the Mutant Chronicles RPG, DUST Adventures RPG based on Paolo Parente’s DUST universe, Infinity The Roleplaying Game based on the best-selling miniatures game, Conan, Adventures in Age Undreamed of, the official roleplaying game of Robert E Howard’s barbaric universe, Matt Leacock’s Thunderbirds, a cooperative board game based on the classic 60’s show and the official Kung Fu Panda Boardgame.
Modiphius Entertainment seeks to inspire with its tales of heroism, adventure and courage. Modiphius also works to combat global child trafficking through raising awareness of and funds for Vision Rescue. For more information, please visit
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