Isola Illyon Edizioni Presents Kisarta, a New Setting for 5E!

The italian publishing house Isola Illyon Edizioni is happy to present Kisarta, a new Setting Rulebook for the 5th Edition that will lead all the players straight to the otherworld.

In this book players will find themselves in the dark land of Kisarta after their death, keeping some of the extraordinary skills that they had in life. They will need to travel through the Dominions, the seven planes of this setting, each one under the control of an evil lord that bends everything to his will.

The Rulebook will present a series of new rules compatible with the 5th Edition, like Madness and Damnation, a system that will test mental and spiritual integrity of the characters. Players will also find new races, new classes and new dangers to face.

Kisarta will be published in English and Italian languages through a Kickstarter project that will start on July 22nd, but players can have a preview of the full Rulebook right now by downloading the free Quickstart here:

About Isola Illyon Edizioni. The company, established by Luca Scelza and Mario Ferrentino, is an Italian fantasy products publisher. They have recently completed another crowdfunding campaign, “La Dama Nera”, the first expansion book for the dark fantasy RPG Awaken; Isola Illyon Edizioni is also the Italian publisher of the award-winning noir RPG City of Mist.

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