Making History: Three One-Session Games is live on Kickstarter!

Molten Sulfur Press is very excited to announce the Kickstarter campaign of their latest book: Making History: Three One-Session RPGs.
Making History contains three one-session RPGs, each with a full adventure, a simple rules system, and pregenerated characters. These games are:
  • Norse Ivory. 994 A.D. French descendants of Viking invaders must return to the frozen land of their pagan ancestors. Expect no joyous homecoming. A game about heritage and faith.
  • A Killing in Cahokia.1100 A.D. Detectives in the real medieval Native American temple-city of Cahokia investigate an unusual murder and get tangled up in something far larger.
  • Darken Ship. Modern day. Sailors aboard a U.S. warship awake to find they’re alone on a vessel that should carry 3,000. Explore the dimly-lit passageways, try to survive, and don’t give up the ship!
Each adventure is a single-session, standalone story grounded in the real world. The rules are super simple and keep the focus on the heart of the scenario. The pregenerated characters are complicated people with motivations that keep the story moving organically. Each game takes 3-4 hours to play and only an hour or two to prepare!

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