Anime Adventures Come to Life on the Tabletop!

Attention Span Games Announces “Big Eyes, Small Brains” RPG Two anime industry veterans bring the tongue-in-cheek realm Abika to game night.

SEATTLE, WA – Attention Span Games is proud to announce their most ambitious Pocket RPG to date, Big Eyes, Small Brains. Tabletop fans and anime fans alike will be able to back this project on Kickstarter starting April 18, 2019, with a launch planned for Summer 2019.

Big Eyes, Small Brains is an all-new experience from L.B. Bryant and Samantha Ferreira, who share a combined 28 years as anime journalists, and a lifelong adoration of tabletop gaming.

In Big Eyes, Small Brains, gamers are transported to the mythical world of Abika, where anime fantasies come to life. Idols pack the big stage at the Bookoodan, as magical Senshi protect peace and justice from evildoers everywhere. It’s a world packed with references and in-jokes, which will have new and old fans alike smiling and debating as they uncover the mysteries of the world.

“After releasing our first two Satirical Pocket-Sized RPGs DnDizzle and Laser Metal, we set our eyes on satirizing Anime, and while being fans of Anime our depth of knowledge couldn’t do it justice,” comments Will Carson. “Luckily, L.B. and Samantha came to the rescue and delivered a world so
immense that we had to double the page count and are still planning more supplements.”

“To work on Big Eyes, Small Brains has been a dream come true for us,” states Samantha Ferreira. “Building the world of Abika over the past two years, from the glittering city of Lancastar to the mysterious mires of Yotsuya, has been incredibly rewarding. I sincerely hope that fans have fun
exploring every nook and cranny of this Magnificent World!”

“This book is two years of hard work and dedication from both myself and Samantha,” comments L.B. Bryant, “We put many sleepless nights into this and only hope that gamers around the world enjoy playing the game as much as we enjoyed putting it together!”

About Attention Span Games
Attention Span Games was conceived in 2010, when Ron Leota decided to ask nemesis and benevolent evil RPG master) Will Carson to read through a home campaign for an RPG that he wanted to run for a group of friends. Will reluctantly read the scenario and was surprised by how much he enjoyed it. Though he was mostly being an ass at the time, Will told Ron that if he turned the campaign into a full game, he would publish it. Fueled by spite (and Will’s belief that he had no follow-through), Ron hunkered down and turned the campaign into a full game, which ultimately became Carmine. And, in keeping with his word, Will launched Attention Span Games to produce it.

About Samantha Ferreira
Samantha Ferreira is a Rhode Island native who has been active in the anime industry since 2003. A fan since 1992, she’s a child of the old-school club scene who has grown up with the industry, chronicling its rise from a quirky cottage industry to the multi-million dollar behemoth it is today. She
founded Anime Herald, a leading provider of anime news, reviews, and editorial content, in 2010. For more information, visit

About L.B. Bryant
L.B. Bryant has been watching and writing about anime for pretty much his whole adult life. He started on OtakuReview before graduating up to sites including Japanator, Viewster, Anime Herald, ICv2, and many others. Calling the Seattle area his home, L.B. currently lives with his wife, dog, and
many cats. If he’s not writing about anime or manga, he can generally be found consuming the latest premieres on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

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