CAPERS Noir Kickstarter Now Live!

This just in from NerdBurger Games…

Heads up, Macs and Janes. The CAPERS Noir Kickstarter is live!

It’s the 1940s in the United States. World War 2 has wrought such destruction that the veil between this world and the world of the dead has thinned.  Monsters have crept in. You are a criminal or a cop in a noir landscape of crime, corruption, red eyes in the shadows, and bumps in the night…and you have super-powers!.

In CAPERS Noir, you portray a character with extraordinary abilities living in a world filled with nefarious criminals, corrupt cops, and creatures that lurk in the night. You join up with others to unravel mysteries and deal with the darkness, all the while building your criminal empire…or enforcing the law and bringing criminals to justice.

CAPERS Noir offers a complete 1940s Los Angeles backdrop that carries the CAPERS timeline forward 20 years. It also includes new content that can be used in the CAPERS game with no modification required:

  • Expanded character options
  • Expanded rules for investigations and falling to corruption
  • New powers
  • Additional GM guidelines and tools
  • Monsters that lurk in the night

CAPERS Noir is the first supplement for the award winning CAPERS RPG, designed by Craig Campbell of NerdBurger Games. The core CAPERS game is available at a discount in this Kickstarter.

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