New Coloring Book by Andy Hopp


(Akron, Ohio, March 8, 2019) A vile contanimator known as THE LITTER BUG is waggling foul zazz, draining Mutha Oith of its once vibrant colors and generally bumming everyone out. Are you awesome enough to discover his dread motives, rebuke his fell ministrations, and return the world’s erstwhile tints and hues? It will take all your gumption, half your smarts, a steady hand, and at least one crayon (or pencil, marker, paintbrush, spork, etc…).

It’s a Coloring Book!
It’s a Rhyming Storybook!
It’s an accessory for the Low Life RPG!

This new coloring storybook project combines Andy Hopp’s whimsically rhyming storytelling, his captivatingly eccentric illustration style, and the complex depth of his wonderfully original Low Life roleplaying game setting. No knowledge or interest in the Low Life game is needed to enjoy AFTER THE WIPE: A Low Life Coloring Book, although the book expands upon information provided in previous Low Life releases. This innovative project features several advances not typically found in standard coloring books, including a coil bound spine to allow the pages to be conveniently folded behind the cover, a lay-flat design, perforated pages for easy tear-out, and, remarkably, a left-handed edition so our friends in that category can enjoy a more comfortable experience.

This book is amazing. It’s supremely engaging, filled with a zany humor, and makes you want to play the game right away.
-D. Mainwaring, Amazon Reviewer

Low Life is, I think, a rare product – a game supplement driven by the vision of a single individual that actually succeeds in bringing the author’s vision unambiguously and clearly to the reader.
-Edmund Metheny, RPG.NET

It’s not Muppets on crack; it’s crack that has come alive and is smoking Muppets.

AFTER THE WIPE: A Low Life Coloring Book can be nabbed through April 4, 2019 at as part of a crowdfunded campaign on Kickstarter.

Andy Hopp is a prolific author and illustrator. He is best known as the creator of the acclaimed Low Life roleplaying game and the Alphabeast Soup rhyming storybook.

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