Prepare for Sleuthing and Skulduggery in Space 1889: Murder on the Ether Express!

Today we’re really pleased to announce the release of Space 1889: Murder on the Ether Express, a brand new adventure for Clockwork Publishing’s acclaimed Space 1889 RPG.
Space 1889: Murder on the Ether Express for the Ubiquity version of Space 1889, is now available in print and PDF on as part of our Space 1889 Collection.
The RMS Aetheria is a marvel of modern etheric engineering capable of incredible interplanetary speeds and, if the owners are to be believed, the fastest civilian ship in the solar system. Of course, this brash claim requires proof and the adventurers have been lucky enough to secure passage on the ship’s shakedown cruise, during which the vessel and her crew will be put through their paces.
They are not alone, however. The wealthy aristocrat Montague Harrington-Hyde has commandeered the ship for one of his famous business parties where, if rumor is to be believed, fortunes are made and lost. This isn’t the only thing they need to worry about, as the competition eyes the Aetheria with jealousy, and the Tossian government sent one of their ambassadors along for the ride.
Can they navigate the world of the aristocracy and rub shoulders with the elite without causing a stir or making the front page of The Times? With sabotage, political skullduggery, and maybe a murder or two in the cards, can they even survive this ship of secrets?
Murder on the Ether Express is an adventure for a veteran Gamemaster and players who are interested in an adventure based on investigation and social interaction.
This adventure was written for the Ubiquity version of Space:1889.
We hope you enjoy this new adventure and look out for more great Space 1889 books and supplements coming soon!
Best wishes,
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