Free International Shipping on DEGENESIS Products and Vodka Product Announcement

Free Shipping announcement  

To celebrate SIXMOREVODKA’s 9th birthday, the Berlin based studio will be offering free shipping on all of its DEGENESIS products for orders above 150 Euros (approx $175) to help potential players overcome the massive hurdle that comes with shipping high-quality books across the world.

“We hope that by removing this costly barrier we can get DEGENESIS books into many more hands and grow the player base accordingly.  It’s obviously a big investment on our behalf, but we hope it will pay off in the long run and show the community our commitment to grow the player base.” – Marko Djurdjevic, Founder & CEO

The offer will start from Monday the 4th of February, 2019 and customers who have in recent weeks made orders of this magnitude will have their shipping cost refunded as a sign of good will.

SIXMOREVODKA’s online shop can be found here.

New Product Announcement – Limited Edition Vodka

SIXMOREVODKA also released its own limited edition VODKA to mark the occasion of its 9th birthday.

Each handmade box comes with a bottle of high quality Vodka, custom distilled in Berlin, SIX shot-glasses featuring the company logo as well as a one of two art prints featuring the work of Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic, SIXMOREVODKA’s Art Director and Michal Ivan, one of their Senior Artists.

The production run is limited to 111 boxes total and each will cost 111 Euro (approx $130).

  • The Roots Edition can be purchased here. (Webshop)
  • The Armia Edition can be purchased here. (Webshop)
  • Check out the short trailer we made here. (Youtube)

The 111th box will contain both art prints and will be signed by the whole team as a special give-away.

In other news

  • The DEGENESIS Italy Kickstarter reached its initial goal within 45 minutes of launch and continues to grow.
  • SIXMOREVODKA is currently working on 2 DEGENESIS books: Justitian and Modus Operandi as well as a Potentials card & dice set all set for release in 2019.
  • SIXMOREVODKA is currently hiring additional artists to bolster its stable of world-renowned Character and Environment artists.  Link to jobs page.

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